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Page Meadows Field Trip

Page Meadows Silver Tip Dr, Tahoe City, CA, United States

Page Meadows (also known as Paige Meadows), elevation 6,600’, is a series of enchanting alpine meadows with vernal pools surrounded by forests of conifers. The trail is easy, essentially flat, with a slight downhill at the beginning. Participants will hike approximately 2 or 3 miles in total, out and back. The trail may be boggy

A Balanced Garden – Native Gardening 101 Webinar


Native Gardening 101: California Native Plant Society's webinars provide seasonal guidance and technical insights for native gardening. With the winter rains, your native plant garden is thriving. So, what’s next? How do you let plants go dormant when they need to, prune others at the right time, and keep up with the weeds? Learn how

Seeding Connections – Native Gardening Chat


Native Gardening Chats: These friendly panel discussions share diverse voices and topics in the world of native plant gardening. Have you ever wondered how you can make a difference through your passion for gardening, native plants, and/or biodiversity? Maybe you’ve thought about volunteering or helping others learn new skills. In Seeding Connections, learn how some

Reliable CA Native Plants for a Garden with No Irrigation! Webinar (Part 2 of 2)


This is a continuation of the wildly popular talk Krzysztof Kozminski gave in September 2023. He had so much information that he didn’t have time to finish, so he will do so here and also revisit some of the highlights from Part 1. Krzysztof is a longtime member of the CNPS Santa Clara Chapter, one

It’s not just another fish! Native Fish and Native Plants: How they interact


Join us to learn about how native fish and native plants interact with speaker Gail Davis Gail will talk about the unique nutrient cycle between the local Pacific salmon and trout and the ecosystems of the watersheds in which they live. Gail is a Fish and Wildlife Interpreter. She earned a B.S. in Natural Resources

Arranging California native plants in bouquets, garlands and wreaths for the holidays


Join the California Native Plant Society to learn more about arranging California native plants in bouquets, garlands and wreaths for the holidays! This is a continuation of the talk last year, where Cynthia focused on bouquets. This talk will primarily focus on creating garlands and wreaths. Last year’s presentation is on YouTube. When Cynthia Gingerich

Native Gardening 101: TLC for Native Trees


California’s native trees are truly awe-inspiring–they can soar to majestic heights, live for thousands of years, and require dozens of people to circle them for a hug. But how do we care for them when they are in our garden? Get insights into tree care from experts experienced with native trees. Featuring: Oscar Sanchez of TreeCare LA and the CNPS Horticulture Team

Native Gardening Chats: Developing an Epic Garden


Naturehood will be taking a break in January, while we clean out the garden shed. Join us again in February with Susan Gottlieb, the co-creator of the famous and beautiful Gottlieb Native Garden in Beverly Hills. We’ll learn tips about design, harmony, and sustainability that you can bring to your own gardening space. Click here

California Water Culture; an overview of how California’s unique waterways have been transformed, how it happened, and what it means


California is unique and arguably infamous for many reasons. Water in California is beginning to grab the attention it deserved long ago as the once waterlogged landscape is unrecognizable farmlands, leveed deltas, and expanded deserts. How did California’s water go unnoticed for so long only to become a hot topic? This talk will overview the

March Naturehood Webinar: Surviving Storms: Tips for Native Trees


Now that we've gotten past most of our winter storms, now is a good time to focus on tree care throughout year. Join us in March with Joshua Gevertz, the Arboretum Director at Cypress Lawn Memorial Park, Arboretum and Botanical Garden, as we discuss all things arbor care. Click here for more information and to register.

April Naturehood Webinar: Introducing the New Calscape


Get ready for a new Calscape! CA Native Plant Society is introducing exciting new features and improvements to ​In this webinar, they will go over the new release, which is loaded with descriptions of more than 8,500 California native plants; a free garden planner; expanded search criteria; and a new directory of native plant

Native Plant Week & Earth Day Flower Scavenger Hunt

Tule River Parkway 540 S Jaye Street, Portersville, United States

Celebrate Earth Day and Native Plant Week at a flower scavenger hunt. You will be searching in the Tule River Native Plant Gardens for flowers of 8 colors and recording your finds by photos or drawings. The starting point is the Tule River parking lot at Jaye Street. The hunt is on Saturday April 20