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California Water Culture; an overview of how California’s unique waterways have been transformed, how it happened, and what it means

February 12, 2024 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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California is unique and arguably infamous for many reasons. Water in California is beginning to grab the attention it deserved long ago as the once waterlogged landscape is unrecognizable farmlands, leveed deltas, and expanded deserts. How did California’s water go unnoticed for so long only to become a hot topic?

This talk will overview the ties between California’s culture and how it revolves around water & its plants and how the relationship has evolved over the past couple hundred years. Can California balance the needs of the citizens, the landscape, and the economy? This question may not be answered in this talk but insights and realistic perspectives will be given and discussed that may help open a productive dialogue.

About our Speaker, Tina Donnelly
Tina has lived in California’s Central Valley most of her life and has been in the Natural Resources Management field for over ten years. Tina has been presenting on Water Resources Management among other topics to youth all over the state to help future generations form their own opinions by giving them information they may not have had prior access to.

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