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Climate Change

The Sierra is severely impacted by the effects of the global climate crisis.

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Preventing habitat loss and minimizing factors impacting threatened and endangered species.

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Supporting healthy forest ecosystems and protecting them from the threats of development, wildfire, and disease.

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Protecting and restoring Sierra rivers for their remarkable scenic, recreational, habitat, and historic values.

Issues A Region at Risk

Since 1993, the Sierra Nevada Alliance has been protecting and restoring Sierra lands, water, wildlife, and communities.

The Sierra Nevada Alliance exists to elevate and support Sierra ecosystems and communities.

We are a hub for stewardship of the Sierra Nevada, which we achieve by empowering and collaborating with our partners.

Every Sierra ecosystem and community is healthy, resilient, and collectively cared for through thriving partnerships, as a legacy for future generations.

Successes Where We're Helping Win the Fight


Are you a student in the South Lake Tahoe region passionate about environmental stewardship? Do you want to spend your summer working to protect Lake Tahoe? 

We're hiring a team of motivated, enthusiastic ambassadors this summer to help protect Tahoe's natural environment by educating the public, collaborating with local officials, and modeling Leave No Trace and responsible recreation practices. 

If this sounds like your dream summer job, or if you know a student or student-aged person who would be a great fit, please check out our online application, due Friday April 30th at 7:00PM PST. 

Link for the online application in our bio or below! 

Application: tinyurl.com/LTA21 
Job description: tinyurl.com/LTAJob21

For questions, please call 530-542-4546 or email phoebe@sierranevadaalliance.org
Are you playing #SierraEarthWeek2021 Bingo?⁠
Two special players will win at ticket to our April 22nd Wild & Scenic Film Festival, winners will be announced this Thursday and next! ⁠
Visit our Earth Website page to download your bingo card and start playing. (link in bio)
Today's Wild & Scenic Film Festival Program highlight is Feathers In Flight: The Bird Genoscape Project! ⁠
Biologist Mary Whitfield has spent two decades studying one of North America’s rarest birds: the Southwestern Willow Flycatcher. Not much is known about their migratory route, so Mary has joined a cutting-edge effort to gather data on birds’ genomes from individual feathers, connecting breeding and wintering populations of the same species and providing critical information to conservationists and managers. The Bird Genoscape project brings together researchers from all over the Americas in an effort to protect the birds that tie the Western Hemisphere together.⁠
Watch along with us April 22 @ 7pm! Purchase your tickets now! (link in bio)
Today's Wild & Scenic Film Festival Program highlight is Common Ground! ⁠
Conservation isn't always the common thread between the tribes, ranchers, and government. This film shows how water can bring opposing interests towards finding a Common Ground.⁠
Still need to buy your ticket? Visit the link in our bio
Play our Sierra Earth Day Bingo for a chance to win tickets to the Wild & Scenic Film Festival happening April 22nd! 🌎💚⁠
For each activity you complete, post a photo, tag us @sierranevadaalliance, and use #sierraearthweek2021 or email your photos to info@sierranevadaalliance.org. ⁠
We will be announcing winners every Thursday (April 15 & April 22)!⁠
Learn more by following the link in our bio...
We are just two weeks away from our Earth Day presentation of SYRCL's Wild & Scenic Film Fest! 🍿📽️⁠
"Doors" open at 6:30pm, Films start at 7:00pm. Films On-Demand will be available for 5 days following the live event. ⁠
Purchase your tickets while you still can. Link to do so is in our bio. We hope to see you there!
Spring is here! 🌷🌞 Let’s get our journals out and have fun exploring how to draw and watercolor paint beautiful landscapes.⁠
Registration for our Sierra Landscapes Watercolor Class w/ Gina Stowell is now open! Link in our bio.
Sunday SNAP Spotlight! 💫⁠
Audrey serves as the Stewardship Specialist at Sequoia Riverlands Trust in Visalia. Audrey works on numerous restoration and monitoring projects across SRT's preserves, and is instrumental in maintaining and enhancing the health and integrity of this region's diverse ecology. Thank you so much for dedicating this year to serving the Sierra and SRT, Audrey!⁠
@californiavolunteers @sequoiariverlandstrust⁠
#americorps #serviceyear #sierranevada #sequoiariverlandstrust #conservation #stewardship #ecology #plantatree #acorns #oaktrees #community #landtrust
Today's Wild and Scenic Film Program highlight is The Great Divide! The Great Divide features a small but dedicated group of activists in central California, and their fight to get their town access to safe, clean, drinking water. ⁠
Have you purchased your film festival tickets yet??⁠
Tickets available now at the link in our bio for the Alliance's 2021 Wild and Scenic Film Festival On Tour, which runs April 22 - April 27. Watch inspiring films about adventure and environmental activism, then take action in your own community and ecosystem!⁠
#filmfestival #earthday #wildandscenic #sierranevada #tooleville #cleanwater
"We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community... Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and our own." - César Chávez⁠
César Chávez Day gives us an opportunity to celebrate Chávez's legacy in the state of California and the world by serving the needs of our communities. César Chávez serves as an example of a leader and champion for labor and human rights, as well as environmental justice. Consider how you can uplift marginalized members of your own community on this day of service, reflection, and action.⁠
#cesarchavezday #environmentaljustice #volunteer #communityservice #californiansforall
Sierra Nevada Alliance staff appreciation ski day at Alpine Meadows! So great to all be vaccinated and able to connect off Zoom!!
Are you ready for Earth Day? The Sierra Nevada Alliance is organizing a Sierra-wide Earth Day campaign this year to bring communities together across the region! We want to elevate and connect voices from across the Sierra as we all celebrate together!⁠
Our website features events and activities hosted by our member groups from Bishop, Visalia, Truckee, Nevada City, and more. You can see upcoming events at the link in bio, and more are being posted soon! How will you celebrate Earth Day 2021?⁠
#sierranevada #earthday #earthweek

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