City of South Lake Tahoe Unanimously Adopts Climate Action Plan!



Yesterday marked an exciting milestone for the City of South Lake Tahoe, the Sierra Nevada Alliance, Ascent Environmental, the 100% Renewable Committee, and the community at large! During their October 20th meeting, City Council listened to the Alliance’s Climate Planning Consultant, Meredith Anderson, and CivicSpark Fellow, Jackson Realo, provide an overview of the Climate Action Plan (CAP) development process. After a short discussion, the CAP was unanimously voted on to be adopted!


The CAP is a culmination of all of the hard work of Sam Ruderman, Meredith Anderson, the Ascent team, Jackson Realo, and the City. It will be a dynamic policy-guiding document to help the City achieve the aggressive emissions reduction and renewable energy targets that it set for itself with Resolution 2017-26 (100% Renewable Resolution). Now that it has been adopted, both Jackson and Meredith will be working on the next stages — strategy prioritization and then implementation! The City’s adoption of the CAP is an exciting next step in it’s pursuit of creating a more sustainable, climate-change resilient community!

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