Welcome to Sierra Nevada Alliance, Brooke Boeger!

We are happy to announce that Brooke Boeger will be taking over as our new Community Engagement Director at the Sierra Nevada Alliance. For those who do not know Brooke, she has been a SNAP Member for the past two terms, serving one term at Tahoe Environmental Research Center and another term at the Sierra Nevada Alliance as the Recruitment Capacity Member.

Brooke was born and raised in little Yuba City, CA. She studied Anthropology and Environmental Studies at UC Santa Cruz. She is also an avid dog petter, mushroom forager, and an amateur sailor seeking a boat ride. Brooke enjoys spending her time outside with her new quarantine pup Mooney, skiing with her friends and riding her bike along the West Shore. She is interested in learning and interpreting people’s stories told by the environment.

She is thrilled to stick around and continue working with the Alliance and in the Sierra.

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