Over $9M in grants to strengthen California wood products economy and local jobs

US Forest Service

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To help community businesses with restoration projects across federal or tribal land

VALLEJO, Calif., April 7, 2023 — Of the $29 million announced nationally for the Wood Products Infrastructure Assistance Program through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, 14 facilities in California will receive over a third of these grants. The $9.3 million will be used to help establish 10 new facilities and expand or restart four existing facilities that purchase and process wood byproducts from ecosystem restoration projects on federal or tribal lands.

These projects have a combined potential to process byproducts from over 100,000 acres of federal forest annually. The investment supports not just resilient, healthy forests but also strong rural economies and jobs in the forestry sector, especially in communities that depend on national forests and grasslands to grow and thrive.

“Once operational, all of the California facilities supported by Wood Products Infrastructure Assistance will provide critical outlets for the byproducts of forest management from national forests, including from six of the Wildfire Crisis Strategy initial landscape investments in the state,” said Helena Murray, Wood and Biomass Utilization Program Lead for the USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Region.

For example, grant funding will allow Hoopa Forest Industries to improve and expand their sawmill, supporting forest restoration on tribal land in the Klamath River Basin and Trinity Forest Health and Fire Resilient Communities landscapes.

Additionally, funds for temporary water crossing for skidders and heavy forestry equipment will create rental or cost-share programs for states and Tribes. In California, one Temporary Water Crossing project was awarded to the Hoopa Valley Tribe for $168,369. Temporary bridges help reduce the impact on water quality during timber operations.

Those receiving Wood Products Infrastructure Assistance in California:


Blue Mountain Electric Company, LLC $1,000,000
Camptonville Community Partnership $265,948
Community Renewable Energy Services, Inc $990,058
Franklin Logging, Inc $694,228
G.C. Forest Products, Inc $884,000
Golden State Natural Resources, Inc $500,000
Hat Creek Construction and Materials, Inc $387,900
High Desert Lumber, LLC $474,000
Hoopa Valley tribe -Hoopa Forest Industries $796,923
Lignum Support, LLC $1,000,000
Miracle Forest Products, LLC $370,000
Phoenix Biomass Energy $449,389
Plumas Corporation $1,000,000
Trinity River Lumber Company $500,000

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Wood Innovations Program

Region 5 Wood and Biomass Utilization Program

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