RFPs/RFBs: We work for the watershed. It’s our nature.

By Lisa Wallace, Executive Director, Truckee River Watershed Council

March 11, 2024

The Truckee River region’s beauty of nature draws people who revel in it. One hundred and fifty years of human impact – from mining, grazing, logging, rail and highway expansion, and old-time development – has left the Truckee threatened. It’s not resilient enough to withstand increases in population and impending climate change. We need to intervene and adapt.

Our mission is to bring the community together to restore, protect, and enhance the Truckee River Watershed. Our goal is for humans and nature to thrive, together, for a resilient future. We’re moving ahead with several projects to meet this goal and want you to join in. This year, we will be hiring consultants and contractors for projects for 2023 and 2024.

Head to TRWC’s website for more details and a publication schedule for 2024 RFPs.

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