Senator Limón Introduces Legislation To Expand The Use Of Beneficial Fire

From the Office of Senator Monique Limon

February 15, 2024


(SACRAMENTO) – On Tuesday, Senator Monique Limón introduced SB 1101 to proactively assist in mitigating damage from wildfire through beneficial fire and the restoration of the natural conditions of our forests and grazing lands.

Specifically, SB 1101 will allow the state to become more proactive in addressing the threats of catastrophic wildfire by streamlining CAL FIRE’s contracting and procurement process for beneficial fire. Beneficial fire is a combined effort of prescribed burning, cultural fire practices, and natural fire management that will cut back potential fire fuels and restore the health of our forests and grasslands.

“Decades of fire suppression combined with more severe weather due to climate change has led to a growth in devastating wildfires,” said Senator Monique Limón. “Expanding the state’s ability to utilize prescribed fire more broadly will help us to meet the needs of all of our communities.”

For generations, Indigenous communities used beneficial fire practices to manage vegetation, revitalize grazing lands, and manage forest floors but for the last few decades, the state has not seen enough “good fire” on the ground. SB 1101 presents an opportunity for our state agencies to expand our use of good fire and partner with federal, tribal, local, and private actors to plan fire boundaries that respect key natural and cultural resources.

“California is always going to have wildfire, but being more proactive about planning and implementing controlled burns – where ecologically appropriate – will help us lower fire intensity, reduce the amount of smoke, and minimize damage and threats to our safety,” said Paul Mason, Pacific Forest Trust’s Vice President for Policy and Incentives. “We need more fire that is safe and has good ecological outcomes, and less destructive wildfire. That requires us to embrace the proactive use of controlled burns as an essential tool for living safely with fire.”

“As the climate crisis worsens, more devastating wildfires ravage our state, imperiling precious lives. Instead of beating back the worst, it’s time to take charge with proactive measures — controlled burns and proactive fire planning informed by the approaches indigenous Californians have used since time immemorial,” said Marquis Mason, Advocacy Partnership Coordinator, California Environmental Voters. “We’re grateful for Senator Limón’s vision to prevent future fire devastation. Together, we can shape our future to reduce risk, protect our state’s air quality, and safeguard frontline communities.”

Monique Limón represents the 19th Senate District, which includes Santa Barbara, Ventura, Goleta, Buellton, Carpinteria, Guadalupe, Lompoc, Santa Maria, Solvang, Camarillo, Fillmore, Ojai, Oxnard, Santa Paula, and Port Hueneme. She currently serves as the Chair of the Senate Democratic Caucus and as Chair of the Senate Banking and Financial Institutions Committee.

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