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Learn About Coastal Protections & Tribal Engagement in 30×30

August 24, 2023 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am

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Friends of Harbors, Beaches and Parks’ (FHBP) hosts two experts speaking on two 30×30 efforts. By way of background, California also has a core commitment to strengthen tribal partnerships. Collaborations with tribes provide opportunities for correcting past wrongs. Additionally, California committed to protecting 30% of the state’s lands and coastal waters. Ensuring our coastal waters have attention from conservation groups is critical to their protection and sustainability. Register for this online event!

Here are the two featured pathways and a highlight of the presentation:

  • Pathway #7 – Coordinating with California Native American Tribes
    California Native American tribes have played a central role in stewarding nature and safeguarding biodiversity since time immemorial. It is essential to develop meaningful partnerships with California Native American tribes to meet the goals of 30×30. Meaningful partnerships with tribes in this space can take many forms – including ancestral land return – and will be discussed as it relates to Pathway #7 (Strengthening Government Coordination) during the workshop.
  • Pathway #4 – California’s Marine Protected Areas
    This presentation describes how ocean stakeholders such as recreators, businesses, NGOs, and students can participate in identifying candidate areas for 30×30 conservation decisions. Sandy will provide background on the creation of California’s Marine Protected Area (MPA) network and how the network’s current 10-year review process could lead to new MPAs under 30×30. She will also share the Natural Resources Defense Council’s perspective on how California could strengthen protections in the state’s many National Marine Sanctuaries as one of its pathways to achieving 30×30 in coastal waters.

This is your chance to gain new insights into coastal protection and tribal involvement in 30×30. Add this to your schedule and we will see you in August!

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