Wildfire and outdoor recreation in the West

How recreationists can support a fire-resilient future

You aren’t imagining it—wildfires have been getting worse in recent years. What is causing these severe fires, and what can be done about it?

There is no single cause behind extreme wildfires, and no single solution for mitigating their impacts. Outdoor Alliance’s policy report, “Wildfire and Outdoor Recreation in the West: How Recreationists Can Support a Fire-Resilient Future” digs deep into why fires have gotten so severe, the effects of megafires on outdoor recreation and the outdoors, and strategies for better addressing and mitigating the risk of severe fire.

Fire is a natural part of landscapes in the west, and not all fire is bad. As we look into the future, there is no “no-fire, no-smoke” option in the west. Outdoor recreationists have a role to play in both understanding fire and advocating for the best ways to address, prevent, and recover from severe fire.

Read Outdoor Alliance’s new report here.

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