Tahoe friendly garden Summer workshops 2023


Shelly Thomsen, Director of Public and Legislative Affairs, 530-543-6208

South Tahoe Public Utility District

NEWS RELEASE: Tahoe Friendly Garden Summer Workshops

Summer is in full swing, and so is the Tahoe Friendly Garden Workshop Series! The series, hosted by South Tahoe Public Utility (District) and Tahoe Master Gardeners, offers a fun and free opportunity for Tahoe residents to learn how to design and maintain a beautiful, water-wise landscape.

The series consists of four workshops focusing on different topics. The first workshop, Rethinking Your Lawn, took place on June 27th. Attendees learned different ways to remove lawn and explored replacement alternatives.

Workshops continue through the summer on the following dates:

“Our goal is to help residents create beautiful, sustainable landscapes that are both functional and water-efficient,” said Jennifer Cressy, Master Gardener and Water Efficiency Technician for the District. “The first workshop was well attended, and I encourage you to come to one or all of the sessions pending your interest.”

The Tahoe Friendly Garden Workshops are held from 6 – 7:30 pm at South Tahoe Public Utility District, 1275 Meadow Crest Drive. All workshops are free; no registration is required. For more information, please visit stpud.us or call 530-543-6268.

Learn more and register here.

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