Notes From Partner Meeting

On March 31st, the Alliance held a partner meeting with the goal of sharing resources that the Alliance can provide, answer questions, discuss how as partners we can connect and help each other, discuss the impacts COVID-19 is having on conservation work and non-profits in general, and discuss moving forward in collaboration.

The Alliance shared a number of resources that we have gathered.  These resources can be found in the resources section of this newsletter. 

Member Groups shared some common challenges and needs that many Sierra Conservation organizations are facing as a result of the pandemic.  Some of the challenges and needs that were discussed were:

  • How to engage with volunteers and the public during the pandemic?
  • The need to create protocols for monitoring and restoration activities during the pandemic.
  • Budgetary challenges due to Coronavirus.

Sierra conservation organizations are just starting to identify ways to address these issues. As you come up with solutions and protocols, please email Sara at to share with the community. 

The Alliance is starting an Executive Director Peer Group in April to help us all weather this storm creatively and collaboratively. The first meeting will be held on April 27th at 11:00 AM.  Please register for the meeting here.


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