Hosting SNAP Members Increases Organizational Capacity in Times of Uncertainty

In this time of widespread uncertainty and economic strain, we at the Alliance want to remind you of the numerous benefits of becoming a SNAP Host Site. We have just received notification of funding for the 15th year of this impactful program and would love to grow our team! The Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership (SNAP) program attracts hundreds of candidates, from which we select the brightest and most enthusiastic young environmental professionals. These candidates typically come with newly earned college degrees and are eager to gain hands-on experience working in the Sierra with organizations that share their commitment to making our watersheds and communities healthier and more connected!


Hosting SNAP members is an extremely economical way to increase capacity in your organization during these times of financial uncertainty. The cash match each organization invests for a full time member (see website for rates) provides an excellent return on investment, both financially for your organization, and in mentoring and supporting more environmental stewards for the Sierra.


Return on Your Investment in a SNAP Member See Host Site Application for Current Rates


Full-time Member Stipend, 1700 hours over 11 months $15,300
On-going project support and extended network for collaboration, member development, administration and fundraising from SNAP staff $8,589
Segal AmeriCorps Education Award $6,195
Member Health, Dental and Vision Insurance $3,466
Background Checks, FICA and Workers Compensation Insurance $1,587
3 in-person, full-cohort training opportunities (all Member expenses paid) $1,278
Estimated Value to your Organization: $36,415

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a Host Site, please visit our website, and reach out to SNAP Program Director Rachel Durben with any questions. We are seeking organizations with: 1) a strong track record of supporting and developing staff; 2) diverse and engaging conservation projects in the Sierra; and 3) a need for increased capacity to fulfill your mission. Please consider joining us for the 15th year of AmeriCorps service in the Sierra!

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