Growth through challenge at Project Discovery

Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership (SNAP) member Julia Scheeler is working with Project Discovery as the Adventure and Environmental Program Facilitator. Julia runs the challenge course and adventure experiences for visitors to Project Discovery, as well as conducting environmental education for participants and writing a forest stewardship plan for her site.

Project Discovery is located near the summit of Mount Rose in Nevada and offers progressive, dynamic learning activities to people of all ages and abilities. Participants learn how to rock climb, belay, participate in a low and high ropes course, and spend playtime at the beach and pond on site.

Julia primarily works with children from the Reno-Tahoe area during summer camps. Campers are facilitated in accomplishing physical and non-physical challenge activities to support them in their ABC’s: attitudes, behaviors, and cognitions. As part of their environmental education, participants are taught about respecting the land and all who inhabit Mount Rose, including ways to take care of the ecosystem and its native flora and fauna.

Julia has also helped provide portable programs to students in Reno to facilitate growth and learning in a supportive yet challenging environment.

Summer camp youth making good memories at Project Discovery’s ropes course, where they learned how to be dynamic leaders and have healthy attitudes, behaviors, and cognitions for successful teamwork.

Project Discovery aims to support the local community in healthier attitudes, behaviors, and cognitions, both related to their personal lives and the environment around them. Julia works with diverse communities to accomplish this mission. Summer camps provide a resource for local youth so that Project Discovery can support and engage them in their personal and interpersonal growth, including educating them on the environment so they continue to grow with newfound skills and knowledge.

As an organization working on and with Mount Rose, Project Discovery knows their work is only possible with a healthy mountain to continue engaging with the local community in the amazing ways they do. Protecting and preserving the Sierra Nevada is number one for the health and well-being of not only the land but the local community as well. The community needs sustainable outdoor activities for personal and collective growth and progress.

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