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From the Mojave Desert in the south to the heights of Mt. Whitney and up north to Mt. Shasta and the Oregon border, the Sierra-Cascade is a critical region to all Californians. While it was known that an increase in human activities, such as logging, mining, and urban development, over the past 100-plus years had put the Sierra in peril, the extent of the mounting damage was unknown. A main reason for this was the simple fact there was no private or governmental agency focusing its attention on this vast, but vital area—not until the passing of the historic legislation that created the Sierra Nevada Conservancy in 2004.

When Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the Laird-Leslie Sierra Nevada Conservancy Act into law, which officially created the Conservancy, he announced: “AB 2600 is common sense legislation to preserve and protect our environment and allow everyone to enjoy our Sierra Nevada Mountains for years to come.” Since that historic time 20 years ago, the Sierra Nevada Conservancy has been devoted to environmental protection, resource conservation, recreational opportunities, and economic growth to ensure generations to come continue to enjoy and benefit from one of the greatest natural gifts bestowed on humankind—California’s incredible Sierra-Cascade.

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