Sierra Nevada Alliance Wild & Scenic Film Festival On Tour

Welcome to the Sierra Nevada Alliance’s Wild & Scenic Film Festival On Tour. Join us at Lake Tahoe Community College Duke Theater on Earth Day – Friday, April 22, 2022 for a night of award-winning, awe-inspiring films that focus on the environment, local activism, and adventure.

This family-friendly event can be enjoyed at the College or from the comfort of your own home. In-person and virtual tickets are available now!

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The Sierra Nevada Alliance has been a host for the Wild & Scenic Film Festival On Tour for 16 years. This inspiring festival combines award-winning environmental and adventure films with the energy of local activism. Each year, we choose films to inspire viewers to take further action regarding issues impacting our environment, ourselves, and the world. Concerned citizens worldwide know the urgency of the many environmental crises facing our planet today, but most don’t know how they can contribute to the fight. The festival provides an opportunity for attendees in the Sierra to support their local advocates for the environment by attending Sierra Nevada Alliance’s Wild & Scenic Film Festival On Tour event in-person or virtually from the comfort of home.

Proceeds from the event benefit the Sierra Nevada Alliance’s efforts to protect the Sierra Nevada now and for future generations. 

About the Sierra Nevada and the Alliance

The Sierra Nevada is a mountain range that lies primarily in the state of California with the Carson Range spur expanding into Nevada. The Sierra runs 400 miles north to south, and 50 to 80 miles east to west. The Sierra houses General Sherman, the world’s largest tree by volume; Lake Tahoe, the largest alpine lake in North America; and Mount Whitney, the highest point in the lower 48 United States.

The Sierra is rich in natural resources. It produces 60% of California’s water supply and supplies the state with 50% of its hydroelectric energy. Wildlife is abundant with 3500 plant, 572 animal, and 321 aquatic species. This is a big weight to bear, all while hosting 788,000 residents and 50 million annual visitors.

This region is at risk, and the Alliance is leading the way to build resiliency in the face of climate change and explosive wildfire.

Our Mission:  We are a hub for stewardship of the Sierra Nevada, which we achieve by empowering and collaborating with our partners.

Our Vision:  Every Sierra ecosystem and community is healthy, resilient, and collectively cared for through thriving partnerships, as a legacy for future generations.

Thank you for your support to join in and protect this precious area.

i am cheo

I Am Cheo

Pablo Irlando, Monica Griego-Irlando, Graciela Garcia-Irlando, Robert Fanger, Jose Antonio Partida, Luke Fitch, Neftali Eliseo “Cheo” Irlando, Pablo Irlando | 2019

Inspired by the poem “I Am Joaquin” by Chicano poet Corky Gonzales, this unique film tells the story of a young boy named Cheo who, from the sights and smells of his abuela’s kitchen, takes a sweeping cinematic journey across the lands that are both his history and his future – he sees the gorges of the Grand Canyon, the antiquity of New Mexican acequias, the majesty of the Rockies, and the urban warmth of Downtown Los Angeles. On this journey, Cheo realizes that he is formed by these places – but they need his help, as they are devastated by wildfires, pollution, climate change and disrepair.

after ice

After Ice

Kieran Baxter, M Jackson, Þorvarður Árnason | 2021

Glaciers show us undeniable evidence that climate changes are happening and that human beings are transforming Earth’s systems. They reflect our past and reveal our future. Four years in the making, this intimate short combines historical and current-day aerial views of six outlet glaciers in the Hornafjörður region of Southeast Iceland, exposing a rapidly disappearing frozen world. If the climate crisis remains an invisible threat elsewhere in the world, here it is writ large across the landscape. These glaciers show us how what happens to ice happens to us.

the beast of our time

The Beast of Our Time

Maaike Middleton, Brad Orsted | 2021

The Beast of Our Time is a fifty-years-in-the-making, unflinching inquiry into the relationship between climate change and grizzly bears, narrated by one of America’s most passionate storytellers, Jeff Bridges. Top scientists, advocates, authors, filmmakers, and poets band together to investigate, and find the fates of both grizzly bears and humans to be more interlinked than we ever suspected. Climate change has mingled our destinies. Join us on a journey into the heart of the American West, and its last remnants of a once-great nation of grizzly bears. We will visit with multiple generations of ranchers who have learned to co-exist in grizzly country, and hear predictions from leading scientists. Buffeted with stunning cinematic vignettes and pleas for the wild, the film is part documentary, part love story. The Beast of Our Time is both a dire warning and a compelling call to action that delves into the catastrophic effects of climate change on grizzly bear habitat. The story is rivaled by the striking cinematography that brings viewers right onto the landscape, walking side by side with this imperiled population of grizzly bears.

im a child

I’m a Child

Roze McQueen | 2021

The film, I’m a Child, takes us on a magical journey to see what we have done to the Earth, while the music speaks to the ongoing struggle to understand what is important in life. In this whimsical tale, a boy dismisses his grandfather’s effort to engage him in the fight against Global Warming so the grandfather gifts the boy a Raven totem. That night, the Raven shape-shifts and comes to life, whisking the boy away on a journey to see the true cost of Climate Change. Seeing what we have already lost, the boy cannot help but understand the harsh reality of continuing on this path.

Molly Armanino


Molly Armanino, Sam Armanino | 2021

Follow our special guest and South Lake Tahoe native, Molly Armanino on her journey as a climate activist and skier after the fires of 2021.

guardians of the river

Guardians of the River

Shane Anderson | 2020

In this film by American Rivers and Swiftwater Films, Indigenous leaders share why removing four dams to restore a healthy Klamath River is critical for clean water, food sovereignty and justice. Removing the dams will restore salmon access to 400 miles of habitat, improve water quality and strengthen local communities that rely on salmon for their food, economy and culture.

One Star Reviews

One Star Reviews: National Parks

Alex Massey, Avocados and Coconuts, Alex Paulsen | 2020

America’s National Parks are some of the most beautiful places in the world. It’s even said that they are America’s best idea. Well… unfortunately for some, there’s still room for improvement!

a wild independence

A Wild Independence

Alden Olmsted | 2021

How naturalist John Olmsted fulfilled a friends’ request and turned an abandoned mining ditch in California’s Gold Country into the first wheelchair nature trail in the United States.

Oshkigin: Spirit of Fire

Tom Deschenes, Andrew Bydlon, Old Saw Media | 2021

Not all fire is bad. Increased droughts and longer fire seasons in recent decades have caused more frequent, dangerous, and intense fires across the country. But for thousands of years, Native people used fire to prevent these intense fires, while also using it to cultivate the land, build communities, and preserve natural forests. Current laws preventing controlled burns have changed both the environment of the Upper Midwest and the culture of Native Tribes. Like the fire that rejuvenates the forest, a small group is working to revive this valuable practice.

In-person & Virtual Tickets Available Now

Virtual Ticket: $10
In-Person Youth Ticket (10 and under): $10
In-Person Student Ticket (with Student ID): $15
In-Person Ticket: $25
Virtual Ticket + Membership: $55
In-person Ticket + Membership: $65

Memberships allow you to take one more step toward protecting the Sierra for future generations. Make a donation and join hundreds of members today!



Brought to you by HHMI Tangled Banks Studios, My Garden of a Thousand Bees a veteran wildlife cameraman seeking refuge from the pandemic is filming the wild bees that live in his city garden with mind-blowing results. From giant bumblebees to scissor bees the size of a mosquito, he has seen over 60 species of bee. More importantly, he is developing a close relationship with an individual bee he follows through its entire life. The unique camera work provides a view of bees like no other! This film has been made available for your viewing for free thanks to the generous support of HHMI’s Tangled Bank Studios, a WSFF National Partner.

In-person Raffle & Silent Auction

We are incredibly grateful to our supporters in the Lake Tahoe area for generously donating to our in-person raffle and silent auction.

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Food & Drink

We’re pleased to announce that Betty’s Balls Tapas & Catering will be providing a variety of meat and meat-free options at the event. Betty’s Balls adds to our sustainability goals and serves up their tasty meals with compostable cutlery. Help them go solar!


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