Use your Voice. Make the Call. Save Service

This week, Congress returns to Washington and will resume discussions about the 2012 budget. At the same time, they will also begin to identify $3 trillion worth of cuts to our nation’s budget. All programs under the Corporation for National and Community Service face devastating cuts in these tough times.

With so much at stake, each of us must make a strong and compelling case that national service is a smart investment that generates jobs and empowers communities to rebuild in these tough economic times—and funding for the Corporation for National and Community Service should not be cut.

We need YOU to reinforce this message by calling 1-855-US-SERVE on September 15th. You can take action right now:

  1. Sign up and pledge to make the call. You can share this pledge on Facebook and Twitter, and ask your friends to join us. Let’s show Congress how effectively the service community mobilizes.
  2. On September 15, call 1-855-US-SERVE to tell your Senators and your Representatives why they must vote to Save Service.
  3. Visit the Save Service Facebook page to share your experience and collect an ‘I called!’ badge to post on your page.

By calling 1-855-US-SERVE, not only will you hear talking points and be directly connected with your representative, but your calls will also be tallied. This will allow us to aggregate the efforts of tens of thousands of people who are rallying to this cause. Together, we are a force.

Congress will soon make the call on the future of service in America – your voice can help make sure they choose to save it.

Take the pledge and join us on September 15!

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