UC Davis TERC is looking Beta testers for Find Tahoe Tessie App

After over a year of planning and development, TERC’s new Find Tahoe Tessie (TM) app is almost ready to debut! But before launching a wide-scale promotion for Find Tahoe Tessie (TM), we are looking for people to help us in the final stages of formative evaluation.
Find Tahoe Tessie is a new app developed by UC Davis TERC and partners to educate players about the effects of climate change on Lake Tahoe’s aquatic ecosystem. The result is a series of interactive games, videos, and quizzes in which players use scientific reasoning to deduce how climate change affects Lake Tahoe’s temperature, clarity, dissolved oxygen, and algae concentration — and how all these changes impact aquatic organisms. Find Tahoe Tessie (TM) not only teaches people about the effects of climate change on Lake Tahoe’s famously pristine ecosystem but also lets them snap a photo with an adorable sea monster.
Now that the app is released to the public, we are welcoming players to download Find Tahoe Tessie (TM) and provide feedback for the next version. You can help us by providing feedback in three easy steps:
(1) Download the app to your phone or tablet (simply search “Find Tahoe Tessie” in the app store or Google Play store, or use the links below):
(2) Play through the game and pay attention to any technical challenges or difficulties you encounter.
(3) After you’ve completed the game, submit your feedback in this Google Form (the form is also linked at the bottom of this email).
We hope you enjoy meeting Tahoe Tessie and learning about the changes to Lake Tahoe’s aquatic ecosystem as you play Find Tahoe Tessie (TM). If you’d like to learn more, visit our Find Tahoe Tessie (TM) webpage!

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