The foothills area of Sequoia National Park reopening April 14

Sequoia and Kings canyon national parks

For Immediate Release: April 13, 2023
Contact: Sintia Kawasaki-Yee, Chief of Communications
Phone: (559) 679-2866
Reference Number: 8550-2315

Effective Friday, April 14, public access to the foothills of Sequoia National Park will be restored following massive flooding that caused major road damage last month. Access into the Grant Grove area of Kings Canyon National Park reopened last Friday, April 7.

The area to be reopened in Sequoia National Park extends six miles past the entrance station from Highway 198 in the town of Three Rivers, CA, to Hospital Rock. This area provides access to lower elevation trails, camping, river access, and more. Wildflowers are abundant in this area after a wet winter. There is no access to giant sequoias or snow from this area. The areas of Giant Forest, General Sherman Tree, Moro Rock, Wolverton Snowplay Area, and Wuksachi Lodge all remain closed and are not expected to open before Memorial Day.

The Grant Grove area of Kings Canyon National Park is currently open to the public. Those who wish to visit giant sequoias, including the General Grant Tree, and play in the snow may do so here. Visitors should prepare by bringing sufficient water for their trip, snacks, a full tank of gas, tire chains or cables, and warm layers, expecting more than ten feet of snow in most areas.

Sequoia National Park:

The Foothills Area between the Sequoia entrance station and Hospital Rock

Available: Foothills Visitor Center and Park Store, Tunnel Rock, Potwisha Campground (starting April 16, by reservation only through, Hospital Rock picnic area, Kaweah River, hiking trails, wildflowers, and more.

Not Available: Buckeye Campground (closed for 2023), giant sequoias, snow, food, lodging, gas

Advisories in this area:

One-way traffic control lights are in place just inside the entrance to Sequoia National Park to enable traffic flow around a section of severe road damage. In other places, signage will be present instructing uphill traffic to yield in places where the roadway is narrowed by damage. For your safety and the safety of everyone else, please follow the new posted speed limit of 20 MPH and respect signage and directions from employees.

Great caution should be exercised near the river. Snow melt causes rivers to be swift, cold, and dangerous. Attempting to swim or even recreating at the edge of the river can result in life-or-death situations.

Giant Forest/Wolverton Snowplay Area/Lodgepole/Wuksachi/Crystal Cave Areas:

Currently closed. Estimated reopening not expected prior to Memorial Day.

Mineral King:

Currently closed for the winter season. No estimated reopening is available due to major road damage.

Kings Canyon National Park:

Grant Grove:

Available: Kings Canyon Visitor Center and Park Store, General Grant Tree, Big Stump Picnic and Snowplay Area, Azalea Campground, Grant Grove Market, Gift Shop, and more.

Not Available: lodging, restaurant, gas

Advisories in this area:

In areas with deep snow, skis or snowshoes may be the only way to travel. Avoid meadows where snow bridges can collapse, and tree wells, or deep openings near tree trunks, where it’s easy to fall in.

Cedar Grove:

Currently closed for the winter season. No estimated reopening is available due to major road repairs needed outside the park on Highway 180 between Grant Grove and Cedar Grove.

For the most current park conditions, and a complete list of estimated reopening dates that is updated weekly on Thursday afternoons, please visit this page.

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