SNAP Member Works to Educate South Lake Tahoe Students About the Importance of Protecting Our Watershed

Lauren welcomes 270 students from Bijou Elementary School to Nevada Beach for their field trip.

SNAP member Lauren Benefield is working with South Tahoe Public Utility District (STPUD) as their Environmental Educator to educate the students of South Lake Tahoe about the importance of protecting the watershed. 

This spring, Lauren also worked as the program coordinator for South Tahoe Environmental Education Coalition’s Woods Water Wildlife program. Together with eight other organizations, Lauren connected 1,100 K – 2nd graders to the outdoors by learning about watershed health, groundwater, aquatic invasive species, trees, seeds, and animals, and practiced mindfulness through sound mapping. 

Conserving and protecting our water is essential, especially since California is in a drought. With the Sierra supplying 60% of the drinking water to the state, it is important to conserve it and keep it clean. Water must be free of pollutants to be used by humans, other animals, and ecosystems. 

Through programs like the Woods Water Wildlife, students learn the importance of watershed health for all beings and are given the tools to help protect Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada now and for future generations. By visiting their website, you can learn more about Lauren and STPUD’s work in South Lake Tahoe. 

We’re very excited to announce that the Alliance received grant funding from California Volunteers to continue the Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership for another year with an increased living stipend for members. Learn more about the program, and apply to be a member on our website.

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