Answers to some commonly asked questions about the Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership (SNAP) program.

Usually, the AmeriCorps Members must find their own housing near their site location. Sites are expected to provide whatever support they can, which usually means providing information about where to look for affordable housing, key contacts, outreach to friends and the organization’s network to help out with housing, and to providing short-term accommodation while the Member searches for housing. This usually means a place to sleep for a few nights – site supervisor home, home of a supporter of the organization, etc. Our Members have been able to find decent housing and do not struggle to find a place to live.

SNAP staff will review all applications, cover letters and resumes. SNAP staff will select candidates for a first-round interview, performed by SNAP and Alliance staff, board and volunteers. After the first-round interviews, SNAP will review the results, and based on the qualifications of the applications, the site preferences of the applicants, and the position requirements, SNAP will match applicants with second-round interview opportunities at different sites. Sites will receive the application packets and will set up second-round interviews with applicants. Sites will provide feedback to SNAP, and SNAP will make placement decisions based on site and applicant preferences.

Full-term positions are 11-months, typically beginning in mid-October and ending in mid-September. Half-term positions are 5.5 months with variable start and end dates.

Full Term SNAP members are obligated to serve 1,700 hours during the service term to successfully complete service and receive the $10,000 in education awards. Over the 11-month service term, members will serve on average 40 hours/week, accounting for a normal allotment of holidays and vacation. These hours will sometimes occur during the evening, weekend, and other “non-business” hours. In addition, SNAP Members may serve more hours at certain points of the year – for example, during the field season, SNAP Members may serve more than 40 hours/week and may work less hours per week during the off-season.

Yes, the $2,318.18 monthly living allowance is taxed.

Yes, student loans can be deferred for the duration of our program. In addition, AmeriCorps will pay for accrued student loan interest (on approved loans) during your year of service.

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