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Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership Members come from all over the United States to Serve the Sierra. Right now, we have 28 Members serving at 16 partner organizations across the Sierra, from Oroville in the Northern Sierra to Visalia in the Southern Sierra, and every region in between! Learn more about our wonderful current SNAP Members and SNAP Alumni by checking out their bios below.


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Shauna Langan –  Education and Outreach Coordinator, Alpine Watershed Group & River Wranglers
Shauna grew up in San Diego, where she spent most of her time exploring the beach and hiking outdoors. In high school, Shauna was an avid member of her Future Farmers of America chapter. Shauna graduated from Sonoma State University with a B.S. in Environmental Studies and Planning with a concentration in Energy Management and Design. In college, she had the opportunity to work as an intern with the Center for Climate Protection’s Clean Power Exchange Program. Shauna has been around educators and students all her life in and out of school-–this is where her love for enriching the minds of students stems from. Shauna believes youth are the key to the future and hopes with her position as Education and Outreach Coordinator she is able to learn and teach those around her, students and the larger community. In her free time, Shauna loves to make baked goods, read, and explore the outdoors.


Anna Shampin –  River Scientist, Sierra Streams Institute
Anna was raised in the Foothills of the Sierra Nevada’s on the northern border of Yosemite National Park and grew up exploring the Sierras with her family. She traveled north to Tacoma, Washington for college at the University of Puget Sound and earned her bachelor’s in Biology and Environmental Policy and Decision Making. During her time as an undergraduate, she researched the effects of Beaver Dams on macroinvertebrate communities in Northern Washington.  While in college Anna also coordinated and lead outdoor trips with Puget Sound Outdoors across the Pacific Northwest. Anna has worked with the Stanislaus National Forest in the Central Sierra building trails, resorting habitat, and monitoring aquatic Species. This past summer she worked for the National Parks Service in Sequoia and Kings Canyon restoring aquatic habitat in high elevation lake basins.  Anna is looking forward to her time at Sierra Streams Institute and for the opportunity to continue working to protect and improve habitat in the Sierra Nevada.


Cameron Wallenbrock –  River Scientist & Education Coordinator, Sierra Streams Institute

Cameron was born and raised in Napa, California where his love for the natural world developed from an early age. After high school, he moved to Tacoma, Washington to experience “weather” and to pursue a degree in geology from the University of Puget Sound. Before graduating in the Spring of 2018, Cameron worked with two Resource Conservation Districts as a habitat steward and field technician, as well as with an environmental farm camp where he educated young children in natural spaces. In the Summer of 2018, he accepted a position with the Sierra Nevada Alliance Program and through AmeriCorps is now at Sierra Streams Institute where he will combine his two passions: science and education. In his free time, nothing sounds better to Cameron than a warm cup of coffee, the company of friends, and the subtle clatter of a d20 rolling across a table.


Makenzie O’Connor – Field Crew Lead/Sierra Field Technician, California State Parks & Trout Unlimited

Makenzie is a passionate outdoor-enthusiast, always seeking a new adventure. She hails from the North Bay Area, from a small town called Sebastopol, California. Through college, she worked as an outdoor educator and facilitator, leading team-building and outdoor skills courses in the North Lake Tahoe area. After finishing her BS in Environmental Science and Ecology at Sierra Nevada College, Makenzie moved her life to La Paz, Bolivia, where she led downhill mountain biking tours on “The World’s Most Dangerous Road.” Hungry to get back into the science and research world, Makenzie left her position in Bolivia for an AmeriCorps position with the Watershed Stewards Program, based out of Six Rivers National Forest. Here, she found her love for working hands-on with fish and wildlife, as well as calling for rigorous fieldwork. This is Makenzie’s second term with AmeriCorps, and she’s excited to be serving for both CA State Parks and Trout Unlimited.


Cassie Corridoni – Field Crew Lead, California State Parks

Cassie Corridoni has always felt a deep connection to wildlife and nature, but it wasn’t until she was exposed to the vast, wild landscapes of the West, that she discovered her interest in conservation. Cassie was born and raised in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio; she has always loved art and photography, and in 2015, she received a B.A. in Art History. Her wanderlust kicked in immediately after, and she set off to volunteer on organic permaculture farms in Oregon, falling in love with the adventure of the Pacific Northwest in the process. Cassie’s explorative journey has taken her to live in the Washington desert in refurbished vintage trailers, to travelling abroad in Europe for an extended period, learning to appreciate different landscapes and lifestyles along the way. More recently, she ventured to Northwestern Montana last April to serve Montana State Parks AmeriCorps, and she realized she loved working for state parks. Cassie is excited to explore a new region of the country, to serve California’s beautiful state parks, and to gain first-hand experience in habitat restoration, GIS mapping, and forest thinning.


Claire Thompson – Lands Conservation Technician, Sequoia Riverlands Trust

Claire grew up in frigid Minnesota knowing she belonged elsewhere. She is now located in the warm central valley of California as a Conservation Technician with Sequoia Riverlands Trust. Growing up, Claire would collect northern leopard frogs and plant freeman maples in her backyard. She was raised with the quintessential “Minnesota cabin life” in north-central Minnesota, where she would spend summers fishing with her dad and swimming in Minnesota’s iconic lakes. She knew from a young age that her passion for life was ignited by a fascination with figuring out how the natural world operates. She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BS in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management with emphases in earth science and forest ecology. She has previously served two AmeriCorps positions in Washington State through the Student Conservation Association with the National Park Service and The Nature Conservancy working on habitat restoration and invasive species control. Claire likes to evaluate ecosystem restoration through a natural history lens by comparing previous environmental processes to the drastic environmental changes that are currently happening, and using that comparison to make conclusions on what steps should be taken to restore ecosystem function in a changing world. She enjoys the variety of work and the application of her past studies to her current position at Sequoia Riverlands Trust. In her free time she enjoys going on trips to photograph rare tree species
and is very excited about all the unique trees California has.


Crew Stover – Watershed Program Coordinator, Sierra Nevada Alliance

Crew grew up in southeastern Pennsylvania doing a lot of fishing, hiking, hunting, and snowboarding. This love for the outdoors inspired me to major in Aquatic and Fisheries Science at the State University of New York (SUNY) College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, NY. I spent last summer in the Adirondack State Park (NY) investigating the effects of an exotic freshwater jellyfish (Craspedacusta sowerbii) for the Hudson River Foundation. I just graduated in May with a minor in water resources, and moved out to Tahoe for the Americorp position and to experience all the outdoor adventures the area has to offer.


Andrea Tineo – Stewardship Coordinator, South Yuba River Citizens League

Spending her youth swimming, sailing, and paddling along the coast of Maine and the Chesapeake Bay, Andrea has always felt passionate about protecting our waters. Born and raised in a Venezuelan- American household outside of Washington D.C., Andrea grew up in a politically and culturally rich environment that has influenced her interests, and academic pursuits. Andrea studied Biology and Anthropology at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, and in her junior year, she studied abroad at James Cook University in Australia. Here, she was able to pet a koala and fulfill one of her lifelong dreams of diving in the Great Barrier Reef. With a strong desire to travel the world, Andrea turns to science to lead her to her next adventure. Although she will miss the East Coast and her small school on the water, Andrea is excited to explore Northern California and continue learning about environmental restoration, and community empowerment


Allison Hacker – River Assessment & Restoration Assistant,American Rivers 

Allie grew up in the Bay Area where she discovered a passion for the natural world while roaming around the Santa Cruz mountains and the hills near her house. She earned a degree in cellular biology from Haverford College, but soon realized that she would rather be outside than cooped up in a lab. Prior to joining American Rivers, Allie worked as a botany field technician with the National Ecological Observatory Network and conducted research on plant-pollinator interactions in the Rocky Mountains. She also served as a river scientist and education coordinator at Sierra Streams Institute, where she conducted biological, chemical, and physical stream surveys, assisted with environmental health research, and designed curriculum. Allie loves trail running, snowshoeing, swimming in the Yuba river, and stargazing.


Max Stecher – Sierra Region Program Specialist, Toulumne River Trust

Born and raised in Washington State, I found a love of nature at a very young age, exploring the Salish Sea, and the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges. I attended Western Washington University where I had the opportunity to explore both BC and the North Cascades, I received a degree in Environmental Science with an emphasis in Freshwater Ecology spring of 2018. Having spent a majority of my life in the same ecosystem and devoting my academic studies to ecology, I found myself longing to live in and experience seasonal changes within a different ecosystem which brought me to the central Sierra. I’m passionate about environmental preservation, environmental justice, climbing, yoga, cycling and swimming.


Taylor Faye Bennett – Stewardship & Outreach Coordinator,American River Conservancy

Originally from the central valley, Taylor Faye spent four years attending Humboldt State University in beautiful Northern California where she originally entered as a psychology major. That quickly changed to Environmental Science once she realized all of her passions could be channeled into a viable career path. Growing up she spent a lot of time camping and hiking with family which established her deep love and appreciation of forests. While pursuing her degree with a focus in ecological restoration, she was exposed to various aspects of environmental science such as fire ecology, plant taxonomy, soil analysis, watershed management and rangeland studies. This led her love of forests to transform into a deep rooted fascination with countless ecosystems and the interactions between natural resource elements that make productive, healthy lands possible. This is her second year serving at the American River Conservancy as a SNAP member. She hopes to attend grad school to further focus her education in botany. When she is not out trying to identify plants, Taylor Faye enjoys oil painting, reading, DIY/ crafting, collecting records from the 80’s and all things Alice in Wonderland.


Marie Ring – Education Coordinator, Eastern Sierra Land Trust

Born and raised in Maine, Marie fell in love with the outdoors at a young age and has always dreamed of experiencing life in the Sierra Nevada. She recently graduated from the University of Maine in May 2018 with a degree in Biology and a minor in Ecology and Environmental Sciences and found an opportunity to travel out west. While serving with AmeriCorps at ESLT, Marie is looking forward to working with children to get them excited about the environment at a young age and connecting the community to the Eastern Sierra. When not working, you can often find Marie spending time outside exploring new hiking trails, reading in her hammock or trying to become friends with any dogs she comes across.


Garrett Gust – Education Coordinator, American River Conservancy

Garrett comes to California from the Middle West, where the prairies meet the Great Lakes. While studying science communication and ecology, Garrett learned restoration ecology while volunteering on a wetland conservation easement in southwest Ohio. After briefly pursuing field ecology in the rainforests of Costa Rica, Garrett went on to get a Masters Degree in Anthropology from the University of Chicago—choosing to study how people connect and relate to their environments. His passion for environmental education began as a camp counselor and continued recently through his employment with interpretative division of the Chicago Park District. Garrett is thrilled to be working with the American River Conservancy, working both to protect and restore the land and share the wonders of the Sierra with all.


Asia Jones – Restoration Coordinator, South Yuba River Citizens League

Asia grew up in the Coastal Mountains of California, enjoying all the oak woodlands, redwoods, and ocean had to offer. She would often sit quietly outside for hours, knowing that if she stayed still, eventually wildlife would come by. Asia has always wanted to have an impact on restoring the beautiful state she calls home. She loves learning about the native plants and animals around her and how they interact with their environment to create the amazing world around us. Because of this passion, Asia obtained her Bachelor of Science from UC Davis in Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity. Though she was mainly studied pollination science, her second love is herpetology. Don’t be surprised if you see her looking under rocks or logs; she’s probably just looking for reptiles or amphibians to keep her identification skills sharp! When not in the field or office, Asia can be found practicing her painting or walking around trying to level up in Pokémon Go.


Jesse Armfield – Monitoring Coordinator, South Yuba River Citizens League

Jesse was born and raised throughout the Connecticut River Valley in Western Massachusetts. Jesse earned his B.S. in geology close to home at The University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2016. From there he immediately attended graduate school at the University of Vermont and earned his M.S. in geology in 2018 specializing in low-temperature geochemistry. All this time in the northeast has resulted in a pretty typical New Englander. Jesse only enjoys temperatures less than 0, which comforts him while engaging in his favorite hobby skiing. His other hobbies include cooking, gardening, kayaking, fishing, phish and live music.


 Rubie Teffeteller – Natural Resources Assistant, United States Forest Service 

Innately gregarious and inquisitive, Rubie often struggles describing to others where she considers herself from and how her adoration for the natural world came to be. As a tot, she reveled in the sun on the warm beaches of southern California before migrating east with her family. From there, part of her childhood was spent exploring the colorful Blue Ridge Mountains of southwest Virginia, where she learned to swim and water ski at Smith Mountain Lake. In 2004, her family migrated to the fertile Susquehanna Valley of southcentral Pennsylvania, where the latter portion of her formative years were spent playing competitive sports, tubing down local creeks, cozying around bonfires on crisp autumn days, or embarking on the occasional day trip to the east coast. Because of her diverse experiences across several demographics, Rubie considers her connection to nature to be an intimately deep-seated and fundamental part of her individuality. In December 2017, she earned her B.S in Biology from Penn State University before working as a laboratory assistant in plant pathology for Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, located in what she now recognizes to be her native city of Harrisburg, PA. Some of her greatest passions include animal welfare, environmental stewardship, and the importance of educating the public on social responsibility and the validity of climate change. As a vegetarian for over 8 years, she loves to cook, and also thoroughly enjoys music, sunshine, hiking, networking, and an occasional rainy day. She continues to explore the beauty and variety of the Sierra Nevada region, looks to gain as much as possible from her SNAP position, strives to be impactful with her work, and remains hopeful that within her lifetime she will experience (and even contribute to) a widespread cultural shift of environmental progressivism and better governance of our world’s natural resources. You can reach her at or find her professional profile here.


Ben Woodworth – Sierra Field Technician, Trout Unlimited

Ben was lucky enough to have been born in Fairbanks, Alaska. He got to spend his ‘sponge’ years there, soaking in all the natural beauty before moving at the age of 5 to Bremerton, Washington. From then until the end of high school, he lived in many western Washington state towns, from the southern tip to the northern coast of Puget Sound. Then it was off to Washington State University in the eastern, desert area of the state. After one year there, he returned to the upper left corner of the Pacific Northwest and completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology from Western Washington University. After taking a year off and working as a chef, he ventured to the northern woods of New Hampshire and became an AmeriCorps VISTA. After completing his service, he decided to follow his passion of working in the outdoors and enrolled into the Master’s of Science program at Antioch University New England with a goal of studying the concentration of Conservation Biology. He completed his degree in December of 2018. This year, he is serving as a Field Technician for Trout Unlimited in beautiful Truckee, California. Ben really enjoys being outside. Fishing, hiking, birding, and mountain biking are some of his favorite activities. When he is indoors, he is usually playing video games, playing music, or reading books. He is a lover of wildlife and the perpetual tranquility that can be found by spending a day walking alongside a


 Rachel Dristine – COSA Education Coordinator, Bishop Paiute Tribe

Rachel was born and raised in southeastern Minnesota. She grew up hiking and camping not only throughout Minnesota but also in a variety of national parks, most often Montana’s Glacier National Park. It was there that she really gained a love of the environment and the vast variety of flora, fauna, and climates within it. She took this passion with her to college, where she got her B.S. in Environmental Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Although she had visited a great many places and climates by the end of college, she had lived in essentially the same climate her whole life. So, she decided she wanted to put her degree to use in a way that would also allow her to live in a whole new climate, which is what brought her to SNAP and Bishop. She is very excited to learn and experience all that the Sierra Nevada, Bishop, and her SNAP position have to offer!


Taylor Norton – Monitoring & Restoration Coordinator, Alpine Watershed Group

Born and raised in Fairfield, Connecticut, Taylor spent much of his childhood exploring the natural beauty of the northeastern United States. Annual family trips to the Green Mountains of Vermont inspired his love and curiosity for the natural world. Taylor attended the University of Vermont, graduating in the spring of 2017 with a B.S. in Geology and Geospatial Technologies. While attending the University of Vermont, Taylor embarked in undergraduate research studying the history of eutrophication in Lake Champlain through the analysis of lake-bottom sediments. After graduating, Taylor worked for the University of Vermont Spatial Analysis Laboratory, assisting in the creation of high-resolution land cover datasets for major cities across America. In the summer months, Taylor has worked in Jackson, Wyoming, as a wilderness guide and outdoor educator for groups of teens ages 12 to 18. Taylor is excited to serve as an AmeriCorps member for SNAP and explore the sierras!


Brooke Boeger – Education Program Assistant, Tahoe Environmental Research Center

Brooke was born and raised in little Yuba City, CA. She studied Anthropology and Environmental Studies at UC Santa Cruz.   She is also an avid dog petter, mushroom forager, and an amateur sailor seeking a boat ride.  Brooke enjoys spending her time outside with her two dogs Yeti and Winnie, skiing with her friends and riding her bike along the West Shore. She is interested in learning and interpreting people’s stories told by the environment.


Siya Phillips – Education Program Assistant, Tahoe Environmental Research Center

Siya’s interest lay in the interdependence of environmental and social sustainability. She grew up in New England where she developed an affinity for small mountain towns. Siya graduated from Hobart and William Smith Colleges and with degrees in Environmental Studies and Sociology. She enjoys learning about different cultures, snowboarding and being outside with friends. Blah Blah Blah Yay! (Siya is the middle)


Addie Drinkwater – Environmental Education Field Instructor, Sierra Watershed Education Partnerships

My name is Addie Drinkwater, and I am currently the AmeriCorps member working with Sierra Watershed Education Partnership (SWEP). Tahoe is magical in so many ways, and I discovered it as my happy place when I moved here in May 2018, just after graduating from Saint Michael’s College in Vermont. Growing up in a quintessential New England Harbor town of Camden, Maine, I spent my childhood near the ocean and mountains, finding a passion for many outdoor activities—climbing, snowboarding, and surfing the cold Atlantic. With a dual-degree in Environmental Studies and Business Administration, as well as field experience with environmental restoration and research, I have been given many tools to help protect, promote, and educate our future generation of environmental stewards. Providing more opportunities for K-12 to be involved in an outdoor classroom is exciting, which is why I am thrilled to serving for SNAP AmeriCorps with SWEP.


Karen Hagerman – Education Program Assistant, Tahoe Environmental Research Center

Karen is originally from Silver Spring, Maryland, right outside of Washington D.C. She grew up with a great appreciation and love of all things outdoors. Karen received her undergraduate degree from the Naval Academy. Since then, she has lived in Virginia, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, and now Nevada. This is her first time living out west and she is excited to experience all that the Sierra Nevadas have to offer. Karen is passionate about changing the way we interact with the environment. She is excited to work at TERC and be a part of fostering environmental stewardship around the lake. She believes that a sustainable future starts with connecting people to the environment. In her free time, you can find her on a trail, on a beach, or on the water


Elizabeth Stoermer – Conservation Assistant, EDC&GD Resource Conservation Districts

Ellie grew up in the great Pacific Northwest chasing frogs and exploring tidepools. She attended college at Western Washington University where she was able to expand her love of stomping around in the mud and asking many many questions. She eventually earned her degree in Environmental Science with an emphasis on Terrestrial Ecology and a minor in GIS. She’s worked at numerous farmers markets, as a conservation intern with Audubon Dakota, and as a law enforcement ranger with Washington State Parks. She’s thrilled to be getting back to the earth and rivers with the EDC&GD Resource Conservation Districts as their conservation assistant and becoming familiar with the ecology of another little part of the world. She enjoys becoming adequate at a constantly changing array of hobbies, which currently includes hand-spinning yarn, storytelling, and rock carving. As always, she’s excited to learn new things about new spaces.

Sneha Kumar – Education Technician, Sequoia Riverlands Trust

Sneha Kumar is serving as the Education Technician with Sequoia Riverlands Trust in Visalia, CA. She has moved to California from North Carolina, after graduating from UNC Chapel Hill with a bachelor’s in English. While in college, she gained lots of experience in education, and learned that her passion is helping others learn new things. In addition to teaching, Sneha loves to ride horses and hike mountains, and is excited to explore as much of the West Coast as possible!


Marcus Long – Sierra Region Program Specialist, Toulumne River Trust

I was born in South Carolina, but didn’t manage to stay there long; I would bounce from state to state for a large part of my life.  Living in Washington, Virginia, Florida, and then settling in Oklahoma, although many people would consider Oklahoma a drive through state, it’s an Okla(HOME) to me.  There is where I discovered my passion for learning, science of all kinds, and most of all a love for being outside in the sun. I persuade my passion for learning and the outdoors academically by getting a degree in Environmental Science with a minor in biology form East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma. A brief stint working in water analytic cemented that working indoors wouldn’t be my type of thing so, off to California I went.  And here I’ve been taking AmeriCorps positions for the last year and a half.


Dana Everhart – Service Learning & Volunteer Coordinator, Sequoia Riverlands Trust

I have grown up in the central valley of California and it’s made me the person I am. I count it a blessing to have the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks in my very own backyard and spent most of my summers navigating the trails along side the Kaweah River. Being in nature is what brings me to God and provides peace. I’m thrilled to have an opportunity to work with the community I’ve grown to love and call my home and share my passion of being a steward of the land with youth, peers, and the like. AmeriCorps has been a huge turning point in my life, aligning me with mentors and colleagues who inspire me. I’m thankful for this chapter in my life and the opportunity to serve