"Nature is always lovely, invincible, glad, whatever is done and suffered by her creatures." John Muir


The Sierra Nevada region faces many challenges. Twenty-three of twenty-four major watersheds in the Sierra are listed as polluted or impaired. Over seventeen native species are listed as threatened and endangered. Climate change is predicted to reduce the snowpack by 36% in 50 years. The Sierra is the third fastest growing region of the state of California.
The Sierra Nevada Alliance is a leading organization committed to raising statewide and national awareness of these issues and determined to make a difference on protecting Sierra lands, water, wildlife and communities. The Sierra Nevada Alliance acts as a unified regional voice focusing attention on the entire Sierra Nevada region while concurrently strengthening individual conservation efforts throughout the region. Four of our main programs are listed below.
Review our 2017-2018 Strategic Operating Plan for additional details about each our our programs and our priorities as an organization: 2017-2018 Strategic Operating Plan

Member Group Support

This program strengthens the individual efforts of our Member Groups to protect the Sierra’s special places, wildlife, resources, and communities.

Sierra Nevada Advocacy

This program organizes and mobilizes the Sierra conservation community to confront and defeat threats to Sierra Nevada ecosystems and communities.

Regional Climate Change

The Sierra Nevada Alliance Regional Climate Change Program engages and supports efforts to adopt exemplary, sustainable regional plans across the Sierra.

AmeriCorps Partnership

We annually place 28 members at organizations across the Sierra where they conduct environmental restoration, monitoring, and education programs.