Wildlife Monitoring Technician – Great Basin Institute

Cedarville, California

The Great Basin Institute, in cooperation with the BLM, is recruiting two (2) Wildlife Monitoring Technicians to help address key management tasks related to multiple projects within the Applegate Field Office in Cedarville, California. Through this opportunity, the successful applicants will be exposed to the operations of a federal land management agency charged with a multiple-use and sustainable-yield mission. The Technicians will gain a greater understanding of how policy decisions are formulated, gain hands-on experience with natural resource monitoring protocols and field techniques, enhance skills related to data collection and behavioral observations, as well as actively participate in formal trainings related to first aid, off-highway vehicle operation, and the BLM’s Assessment, Inventory, and Monitoring (AIM) Strategy. The primary project focus will be the Greater sage grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus).

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Lek counts
  • Habitat use research
  • Vegetation monitoring (e.g. line point intercept)
  • Conducting AIM surveys

An outcome of these field exercises is providing BLM management with the necessary data to assess whether planned habitat improvement projects can move forward to the implementation phase. Upon completion of this position, the Wildlife Monitoring Technicians will be better prepared to take on additional responsibility in fields related to rangeland management, wildlife biology, or public land management. Applicants seeking to apply for graduate school will have compelling experience and real-world knowledge to apply to their application.

Contract Timeline:

  • 25-week appointment beginning mid-late February 2023
  • Full time (40 hours/week)


The BLM Applegate Field Office is located in Alturas, California, in the vicinity of many outdoor recreation opportunities, including fishing, mountain biking, hiking/backpacking, and skiing/snowboarding. The barracks are located in the historic town of Cedarville, founded in 1864. Cedarville, California is a small mountain town of 500 people located in the northwest corner of Modoc County just to the east of the Warner Mountains. The town sits in Surprise Valley on the border of Modoc National Forest and South Warner Wilderness, two and a half hours from Lassen National Forest, and three and a half hours from the Black Rock Desert.

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Total Living Allowance: $12,600 (Approximately $1,000 biweekly before taxes)
  • Segal AmeriCorps Education Award: $3,247.50 (Upon successful completion, the award may be used for past, present or future educational expenses, including payment of qualifying federal student loans and Title IV accredited college tuition.)
  • Housing Stipend: up to $75/week
  • Onsite housing available at cost of $158.57/month
  • Camping Per Diem: $15/day (if applicable)
  • Public Land Corps (PLC) Non-Competitive Hiring Eligibility: Upon successful completion, members between the ages of 17-30 (35, if you are a veteran) are eligible for non-competitive status for government hiring for two years.
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance available at no cost

Job Qualifications:

Technical requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree or coursework and experience in biology (wildlife or conservation), ecology or a related field;
  • Field experience that included adhering to field data collection protocols and accurately recording field data;
  • Office experience that included data entry and report writing;
  • Knowledge of wildlife ecology and plant taxonomy including use of technical keys;
  • Familiarity with wildlife species in the area; including threatened, endangered, and sensitive species;
  • Ability to use a GPS unit for navigation and data collection;
  • Experience using ArcGIS to create maps, analyze data, and organize layers preferred;
  • Experience in habitat evaluation and collection of vegetation data preferred; and
  • Experience in conducting avian surveys and nest monitoring preferred, particularly for gallinaceous species

For more information and to apply, click here.

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