Wildlife/Fisher Field Technician – Great Basin Institute

Three Rivers, California


The Great Basin Institute, in cooperation with the National Park Service, is recruiting a Wildlife/Fisher Field Technician to support conservation, management and restoration of natural resources/ecosystems in and around Sequoia-Kings Canyon NP (SEKI) to help promote stewardship of public lands during a period of landscape change. The Wildlife/Fisher Field Technician will use survey and monitoring methods to learn more about occurrence and habitat use by fishers and other wildlife in a landscape altered by tree mortality and fire to better inform fuel and forest management as well as fisher/wildlife conservation in this region. Specifically, the Technician will work cooperatively with the GBI wildlife/fisher crew and agency staff to:

  • Follow established protocols to conduct non-invasive surveys for fishers and other forest wildlife (e.g., remote cameras, track plates, hair snares); collect basic information at survey sites (e.g., vegetation type, fuels, condition pre- or post-fire); organize photos and tracks for species verification and long-term storage; enter detection and other data from survey sites into a database; and maintain datasheets.
  • Use safe trapping and handling methods to attach GPS and VHF collars to fishers in and around southern Sierra Nevada National Parks; monitor individual fishers to obtain location data (e.g., triangulations, remote downloads from GPS collars, locate rest sites, locate and monitor den sites) and monitor survival; and collect and compile location and sample data from fishers and other species according to established protocols.
  • Work collaboratively with NPS staff, other federal partners, and other researchers to develop additional post-fire survey and monitoring efforts for wildlife in the parks to determine occurrence and habitat use of fishers and other wildlife in forests with different burn severity and adjacent green forest. Likely methods include deploying ARUs and bat detectors, surveying for and monitoring nests of California spotted owls, and surveying for other fauna of interest.

In addition to providing professional experience in natural resource management, this position provides opportunities to support stewardship of public lands and to contribute to the conservation, management and restoration of natural ecosystems and native wildlife in the southern Sierra Nevada.

Contract Timeline:

  • December 2022 – June 2023 (24 weeks, possible extension dependent on funding)
  • Full time (40 hours per week); some overtime, paid at 1.5 times regular wage, may be required

Location: Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, Three Rivers, CA

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Wage: $16.00 per hour
  • Health insurance coverage provided at no cost to you
  • Paid personal leave and holidays
  • Housing: Shared NPS housing is expected to be available for those that do not have local housing; rent will be paid by individual crew members and residents must adhere to housing guidelines. Housing is expected to be in Ash Mountain, possibly Grant Grove or Lodgepole.

Job Qualifications:

  • B.S. in biology, wildlife ecology, natural resource management, or related discipline;
  • Ability to collaborate and communicate positively with others and work as a team;
  • Ability to navigate in the field; prefer experience with mapping programs (ArcGIS, etc.);
  • Willingness and ability to work/hike in steep terrain on and off-trail and carry moderate to heavy backpack and traps (wire cage trap with attached wooden cubby);
  • Experience setting and checking remote cameras;
  • Experience with safely setting and monitoring traps for mammals in particular; fisher and/or marten trapping and handling preferred; experience catching/handling other wildlife is relevant;
  • Experience using telemetry to locate animals (including triangulation, homing, location of rest/den sites, downloading GPS data from collars), especially in mountainous terrain;
  • Experience conducting surveys for California spotted owls (or other owl species) preferred;
  • Experience with other wildlife techniques beneficial – including setting and monitoring bat detectors, Acoustic Monitoring Units for birds, etc.;
  • Experience collecting and managing field data and organizing field samples;
  • Familiarity with Sierra Nevada fauna and flora, and experience identifying Sierra trees/shrubs;
  • Familiarity with the mission, goals and operations of the National Park Service and with SEKI Resource Management & Science, preferred;
  • Required: possess valid driver’s license; experience operating 4-wheel drive vehicles safely on dirt roads or in snow preferred;
  • Willingness and ability to consistently enact high performance standards and a strong work and team ethic in support of the mission of GBI and the goals and objectives of the NPS;
  • Required: Current covid vaccine(due to animal handling; no exceptions);
  • Preferred: current rabies vaccine (or at least willingness to be vaccinated for rabies).

Click here for more information and to apply.

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