Visitor Services & Interpretation Member, Inyo National Forest – American Conservation Experience

Bishop, California


American Conservation Experience, a nonprofit Conservation Corps, in partnership with Inyo National Forest, is seeking TEN Visitor Services & Interpretation Members to work alongside Forest Service Staff.

For more information about ACE, please visit this page.

Start Date: May 2023

Estimated End Date: September 2023

*a 20-week minimum commitment is required *

Location Details/Description: Inyo National Forest

  • White Mountain Ranger District, CA [2 members]
  • Schulman Grove Ranger District, CA [1 member]
  • Mammoth Ranger District, CA [3 members]
  • Mono Lake Ranger District, CA [2 members]
  • Mt Whitney Ranger District, CA [2 members]

The Inyo National Forest is a large, complex forest, encompassing about two million acres in California and Nevada. It contains several natural features of national and international interest. There are nine wilderness areas and six research natural areas, as well as the Mono Basin National Forest Scenic Area, the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, and Mt. Whitney – the tallest mountain in the contiguous United States. Diverse geologic features, combined with the elevational extremes and attendant wide range of climatic conditions, results in tremendous floristic diversity on the Forest, with vegetation communities ranging from desert scrub, sagebrush scrub, and pinyon woodland, to Jeffrey pine, lodgepole pine, and alpine habitats. Mammoth Lakes and Bishop are both premier locations for outdoor recreation in California. These opportunities include backpacking, fishing, hunting, hang gliding, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, cycling, mountain biking, photography, rock climbing, trail running, off-highway vehicle exploration, and horseback riding.

For more information about the Inyo National Forest, please click here.

Position Overview:

  • Provides excellent customer service by answering questions, greeting and assisting visitors
  • This position requires the use of critical thinking and interpersonal skills while communicating to visitors, staff, and partners
  • Works closely with recreation staff, seasonal and permanent staff to provide current and accurate information
  • Informs visitors of rules and regulations, safety risks and recreational opportunities
  • Evaluates public inquiries in order to provide the most useful and appropriate information or to suggest other options or redirect caller to the appropriate District staff
  • Assists with tracking visitor use
  • Responds to radio traffic in support of District personnel
  • Performs administrative work including computer programs, paperwork, answering phones, as well as general cleaning and organization duties
  • Issues wilderness permits and educate on safety and regulations
  • Collects fees at a remote site while managing road safety and educating on resource protection
  • Staff are encouraged to learn more about the area to enhance their knowledge. The position includes opportunities for field days or to shadow specialists.
  • Performs other duties as assigned
  • Specific to Schulman Grove: Help visitors understand and gain an appreciation for natural resources, which advances the Inyo NF interpretive programs. The Interpretive Ranger will design, plan and provide guided walks, talks and programs for the assigned duty location. Additionally, the ranger shall provide/conduct interpretive talks to university level students, elementary school students, teachers and community groups.

This individual placement is meant to facilitate professional development and promotes exposure to land management agencies and networking with professionals. This could include gaining experience in different conservation fields and shadowing different work groups.

Click here for more information and to apply.

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