Reserve Director – Sagehen Creek Field Station

Truckee, California

The Sagehen Creek Field Station is an off-campus research and education facility of the University of California, Berkeley. The facility is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, 12 miles north of Truckee, CA and 20 miles northwest of Lake Tahoe. The facility encompasses 22 buildings, concentrated in a stream-side footprint within the larger 9000-acre Sagehen Creek Experimental Forest. Sagehen Creek Field Station operates year-round, with most use occurring during the summer/fall field season between mid-May to mid-October. The facility is snowed in approximately 6 months a year, requiring over-snow access without recourse to wheeled vehicles and periods of solitude. Use during the peak season is very high, with numerous ongoing research and education initiatives. The automated data collection network serves researchers at universities and governmental agencies. Sagehen also serves as the hub for two additional Central Sierra Field Research Stations located southwest of the station: the Chickering American River Reserve and the North Fork of the American River Reserve.

This position is located at Sagehen Creek Field Station, and the Reserve Director may live on-site or in the local area.


Day to Day Operations:

  • Ensures the coordination, supervision and performance of all activities necessary to the operational, educational, and research-related planning of Sagehen Creek Field Station, Chickering American River Reserve and the North Fork Association Lands.
  • Plans, directs and manages all daily operations and activities.
  • Reviews, approves and facilitates proposals for research and develops programs for cooperative applied field research (e.g., RAMS).
  • Coordinates or conducts necessary maintenance of facilities and equipment.
  • Works with relevant Campus offices as needed to manage on-site University facilities.
  • During the non-peak season (November-April), provides at least 20 days of operational support to the Central Sierra Snow Laboratory.

Budget and Resource Planning:

  • Under general direction of the Faculty Director, develops and monitors budget, human resources and space planning.
  • Coordinates activities with responsibility for results in terms of costs, methods, and employees.
  • Facilitates the collaboration among a diverse group of professional staff and user groups to develop and implement long term property management plans and, as needed, identify funding for them.
  • Assists in raising revenue through participation in proposal writing, acquisition of proposition funds, and fundraising efforts.
  • Manages any existing grants for underburning, pile burning and prep-for burning within and around the Sagehen Experimental Forest.
  • Liaison to External Partners and Government Agencies
  • Represents the Campus as long-term cooperative use agreement holder with US Forest Service. Works with Federal, State and private agencies and non-profits to identify a wide variety of research projects to help answer critical forest and landscape management questions.
  • Develops and oversees permitting processes as needed, such as water quality discharge waivers and permits, County business plans and site health and safety plans.
  • Ensures all operations are in compliance with regulatory procedures and reporting requirements such as safety, emergency preparedness and environmental protection.

Community Relations:

  • Develops and maintains positive relations with community organizations interested in the University’s field station operations in the Central Sierra.
  • Represents the Campus in developing partnerships with the local community, non-governmental organizations, and local, state, and federal agencies. Leads and coordinates the Sagehen Reserve Program Planning Advisory Group (SRPPAG), a joint university/agency/community initiative that brings together individuals from universities, government agencies (federal, state, and local), and nonprofit organizations and community groups to help guide the station’s future.
  • Works with public, private, and nongovernmental agencies to identify lands that are important for research and education purposes and to develop strategies for their preservation.


  • Supports development of school field trips, k-12 programs, and public education programs related to field station research or other topics that serve a broad audience. Manages science-art outreach (e.g., the Sagehen Artist in Residence Program, the Nevada Museum of Art Center for Art + Environment, the Nevada County Arts Council, and the Future Forests Art effort, and the Sagehen Art Collection.)

Website and Social Media:

  • Coordinator of Sagehen website and social media accounts.

Required Qualifications:

  • Demonstrated experience with administration and budget management, staff supervision, facilities and equipment operations and maintenance, land stewardship, and resource monitoring.
  • Knowledge of ecosystem science and management, including ecologically sensitive practices and safety and regulatory compliance.
  • Analytical and report preparation skills to support proposal writing and to meet regulatory and budgetary reporting requirements.
  • Ability to raise funds and manage budgets.
  • Ability to facilitate and collaborate with a diverse group of constituencies on long- and short-term property operations planning and fundraising.
  • Knowledge of facility planning, building construction, project management, and contract management.
  • Ability to problem solve both personal and technical issues at field stations.
  • Skills in leadership, motivation of staff, public speaking, team-building, and understanding of diversity and equity issues.
  • Must reside at or near the Reserve when on duty. Near daily presence required from May to October, except for brief intervals on UC business, or on authorized days off and vacation periods.
  • Maintains high level of physical fitness, with ability to lift heavy objects, occasionally up to 70 pounds.
  • Ability to deal with heavy snow conditions during winter, including extensive snow shoveling, snow removal from roofs, and operation of heavy equipment, such as snowcats, snowmobiles, and snow blowers.
  • Ability to support Central Sierra Snow Lab work during Sagehen’s non-peak season.
  • Ability to drive a truck, 4-wheeler, and tractor.
  • Ability to safely operate power tools, preferably including construction tools, chain saws, etc.
  • Ability to climb tall towers following appropriate safety protocols.
  • Ability to acquire and maintain skills required for prescribed fire (Red Carding) and knowledge of wildland fire operations.

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