Project Manager – Yosemite Conservancy

El Portal, CA

Position Summary:

The Project Manager, based in El Portal, works closely with Yosemite National Park staff to facilitate project work funded by Yosemite Conservancy. This role is key to connecting grant-funded project work in the park with communication to donors and supporters. The Project Manager is responsible for collaborating with the National Park Service (NPS) and other partners on funded and proposed grant projects, developing contracts in support of project work, managing consulting teams, and tracking grant updates and budgets. Supervised by the Chief of Projects, the Project Manager will maintain close working ties with both park service and Conservancy teams to communicate priorities, support strategic goals, and build relationships with partners and supporters.

The Conservancy Grants team is small but mighty. Overseeing more than 65 projects annually and managing budgets in excess of $5M, we must be accountable and communicative, sensitive to the challenges inherent in our public-private partnership. The Project Manager is a highly visible park position, responsible for communicating and translating priorities and strategic goals to NPS project managers, and project updates and milestones to Conservancy staff. Much of the work is enhanced by in-person meetings and collaboration. Being in the park to monitor and experience projects firsthand and to collaborate closely with park colleagues helps to build trust and enhance our partnership.



  • Project Management: Provides leadership role in managing interdisciplinary teams of NPS and partner staff, consultant teams and other contractors to move planning and design forward on Conservancy-funded projects. Uses project management skills of communication, meeting facilitation, collaboration, consensus building and strategic thinking to further park planning and design efforts.
  • Grant Tracking: Works closely with NPS and Conservancy staff to facilitate grant proposal process, including proposal development and review. Monitors funded projects closely, communicating with project managers to record and track project milestones, review and document proposed changes to grants, and troubleshoot issues. Oversees disbursement of funds, appropriate recognition of donors, and sharing of information and data to maximize NPS-Conservancy communication and partnership. Leads the collection, tracking, filing, and compiling of project status reports and grant outcomes.
  • Contract Development and Management: In coordination with NPS project managers, negotiates and develops consultant and vendor contracts to complete project work. Manages active contracts including monitoring of deliverables, expenditures, progress, and modifications.
  • In-Park Representation: Represents Yosemite Conservancy at NPS and partner meetings and events, and hosts project tours and site visits for donors, supporters, partners and park staff, with both prepared presentations and informal project information.


  • Project Team Meetings: Serves on interdisciplinary project planning and design teams with YC and NPS staff to strategize and provide input that supports both NPS and Conservancy missions. Uses strategic thinking, judgement, and knowledge of the park to contribute to solutions to problems facing Yosemite.
  • Administration: Supports grants team as a whole, including preparation for council and board meetings, annual committee meetings, project coordination, and other general administrative duties.


  • Excellent communication and relationship skills. Able to communicate clearly and effectively with a variety of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Able to prioritize, quickly manage multiple projects, and meet multiple deadlines
  • Proven ability to manage work in a highly organized manner, excellent attention to detail
  • Experience with contract negotiation and management, budgeting, and file system organization
  • Mastery of MS office suite
  • Extensive National Park-based experience and familiarity with Yosemite
  • Valid driver’s license and personal vehicle
  • Commitment to the mission, values, goals, and success of the Yosemite Conservancy; knowledge of /and enthusiasm for National Parks, public lands, conservation, and protected areas
  • Detail and solutions-orientated, while also being collaborative, creative, and flexible
  • Familiarity with private-public partnership dynamics
  • Trustworthy, flexible, energetic, and personable
  • Committed to continual learning and teaching, to the Conservancy mission, and to advancing a culture of inclusion in the organization and in Yosemite.
  • Self-starter who displays initiative in taking on new projects as requested
  • Sense of humor
  • Willingness to tackle any challenge, large or small

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Master’s degree
  • 3-5 years of professional experience in project management, with some experience in nonprofit sector or in a cause-oriented field
  • Familiarity with philanthropic organizations, experience with Boards and donor relationships

Salary: this is a full time, exempt position – $62,400 annually

To Apply:

  • Please send a cover letter and resume in a single PDF file to with the subject line “your name – Project Manager” by September 7th.
  • All applications will be reviewed when the application period closes.

For more information please see the position description.

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