Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Watercraft Inspector – Tahoe RCD

South Lake Tahoe, CA

Position Summary:

Tahoe Resource Conservation District (Tahoe RCD) is a non-regulatory special district that promotes the conservation, stewardship and knowledge of the Lake Tahoe Region’s natural resources by providing leadership and innovative environmental services to all stakeholders.

The Watercraft Inspection Program (WIP) is a well‐coordinated, collaborative and successful aquatic invasive species (AIS) prevention effort that provides technical assistance to project partners and residents within the Lake Tahoe Basin and Truckee Region. Tahoe RCD and its program partners, including the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, work closely together to fully implement this program on public and private lands.

As a staff member of Tahoe RCD and working under the direction of the Site Supervisor and Assistant Site Supervisor, Inspectors will be responsible for watercraft inspections, watercraft decontamination services, documentation, reporting, on-site surveys, customer service and interaction with the general public and partners of the Tahoe RCD. The Watercraft Inspector position is physically and mentally demanding. Work is performed in the field at specified inspection stations located on main ingress highways to the Lake Tahoe basin. Inspectors will follow protocols to physically and visually inspect all watercraft for aquatic invasive species and assess risk in accordance with local ordinances. Inspectors will be required to decontaminate higher risk vessels to remove biological risk of infestation. Inspector positions are available around the Lake Tahoe Basin. Full-time or Part-time seasonal employment under these positions requires completion of a background check, and is considered “at will” dependent upon the needs of Tahoe RCD and the availability of funding to support the positions.

Essential Functions:

The essential functions of this position include the following:

  • Perform watercraft inspections
  • Perform watercraft decontaminations
  • Documentation, data entry and reporting o Maintain a professional presence and demeanor
  • Clear and concise communication with customers, staff, Supervisors and Management

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Identification of invasive aquatic organisms
  • Implement protocols and procedures for inspections and decontaminations
  • Assume responsibility for the care, maintenance, and security of District tools, property and equipment
  • Provide impeccable customer service
  • Educate the public on aquatic invasive species and responsible boating practices

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Experience: Little to no experience needed
  • Skills: Ability to manage high traffic situations effectively; a can-do-attitude is a must.
  • Ability to: work on a team; exercise safe work practices at all times; communicate effectively with the public; maintain effective working relationships; maintain a professional demeanor and presence.
  • Possess: basic computer literacy; California or Nevada driver’s license and evidence of a favorable driving record. A DMV printout may be required prior to employment.
  • Subject to: background check requested by Tahoe RCD.

Desirable Qualifications:

  • A passion for our natural resources and conservation
  • Experience with customer service and conflict resolution
  • Knowledge of watercraft and watercraft mechanics

Working Conditions: Work is performed in the field at seasonally designated inspection sites. Position will require flexible work hours when needed (occasional overtime, evenings, weekends, and holidays).

Physical Requirements:

  • The physical requirements described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of the job. Position may require manual labor.
  • Ability to lift up to 50 lbs; ability to sit, kneel walk and stand for intermittent periods of time and on a frequent basis; strength, dexterity, coordination; ability to climb, bend, stoop, squat, and reach on a frequent basis; ability to communicate on a telephone, via email, and in person.
  • Ability to properly prepare for long hours exposed to the elements.
  • Tahoe RCD’s office is located at approximately 6,226 feet. Summer temperatures can be over 90 degrees and snow can accumulate throughout the year.
  • Operations will allow for exposure to conditions such as dust, fumes, noise, heat, cold, rain, snow, smoke and/or odors.

To Apply:

  • Position open until filled.
  • Send email with “Last Name – WIP Inspector” in subject line and attach cover letter and resume to: Chris Kilian, AIS Program Manager at

For more information please see the position description.

Fire Adapted Communities Program Manager – Tahoe Resource Conservation District (Tahoe RCD)

South Lake Tahoe, CA

Position Summary:

Tahoe Resource Conservation District (Tahoe RCD) is a non-regulatory special district that provides conservation technical assistance and education to landowners and other resource managers.

Tahoe RCD is seeking a Program Manager who brings substantial experience in building successful partnerships to achieve conservation goals, implementing conservation projects to address natural resource issues, and attaining funding to implement such projects. The employee occupying this position is directly responsible to and managed by the Director of Programs. This is a full-time, grant-funded position with full benefits through 2024, with the possibility of extension based on available funding. This position is “at will.”

The Fire Adapted Communities (FAC) Program is a well-coordinated, collaborative, and successful effort to provide outreach, education, engagement, and support to project partners, residents, and visitors within the Lake Tahoe Basin. Tahoe RCD and our program partners work closely together to implement this program on public and private lands. The incumbent will coordinate and facilitate relationships between partner agencies, wildfire prevention and preparedness groups, and funders, and will effectively develop innovative projects to address pressing natural resource issues. This position will also play a role in grant writing, by independently developing grant proposals and providing grant writing support and guidance to partners and the District.

As a member of the Tahoe Fire and Fuels Team (TFFT), Tahoe RCD collaborates with local fire districts, public land management agencies, and neighborhoods to manage the Tahoe Network of Fire Adapted Communities. The program is designed to help residents and visitors prepare for wildfire. Led by Tahoe RCD, this multi-agency and community collaboration helps residents take individual action to collectively r wildfire. Through this collaborative effort, there are opportunities for program growth and expansion to assist with other TFFT priorities such as fire prevention, fuels reduction and landscape scale forestry planning.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Lead and coordinate program implementation by building annual budget and goals
  • Manage grants including developing budgets and timelines for funder and sub-contractor agreements and amendments, reviewing and approving invoices, and achieving performance measures and accomplishing deliverables
  • Maintain and develop partnerships with agencies and public and private entities for the promotion of the Fire Adapted Communities Program and the District
  • Develop communication and outreach strategies, guide implementation, and provide oversight to program staff
  • Develop and implement FAC Basin-wide program including coordination and delivery of training resources, guidance documents, outreach and promotional materials, GIS-based tools, web content, community events, educational workshops, social media management, and monthly e-newsletter
  • Provide leadership through participation and support of the Tahoe Fire and Fuels Team, and assist with new program development.
  • Provide oversight for programmatic and partner spatial and tabular data/database development and management
  • Work with Tahoe RCD FAC team to identify program priorities based on stakeholder feedback, agency funding priorities, and Tahoe RCDs mission
  • Write grant proposals to support and sustain the program, and compose reports and other communications as necessary to document program accomplishments for grants and contracts
  • Develop ideas into projects by identifying key partners and consultants, securing landowner participation, and developing detailed and concrete plans of action
  • Stay apprised of other conservation efforts within the Lake Tahoe Basin, and of political, social and policy issues that may impact Tahoe RCDs work
  • Represent Tahoe RCD at meetings, special events, and through public presentations, and facilitate FAC team and partner meetings
  • Supervise program staff, conduct performance reviews, and lead and participate in recruitment and hiring
  • Write monthly staff report for Board of Directors and attend monthly board meeting
  • Other duties as assigned by management and supervisor

Anticipated Outcomes:

  • Sustainable financial support for Fire Adapted Communities Program staff, partners, and administration
  • Fire Adapted Communities Program and Tahoe Network of Fire Adapted Communities will continue to lead the outreach, education, and community engagement arm of the Tahoe Fire and Fuels Team
  • Successful fiscal management including annual audits
  • Successful grant management and project delivery
  • Shared and celebrated successes and gap analysis and improvement
  • Program growth and development to achieve the goals of the TFFT
  • Clear, consistent, professional communication with staff, Board of Directors, and Program partners
  • Establishment and maintenance of trust between the Program, Tahoe RCD, and partners
  • Program and staff roles can evolve with changing priorities of Tahoe RCD and Program stakeholders

Required Qualifications:

  • Minimum 5 years of experience with progressive leadership in the field of conservation or related field
  • At least 5 years demonstrated experience supervising staff and developing and implementing conservation programs
  • Experience identifying and securing funding through grants and/or other funding mechanisms
  • Experience managing complex budgets and grants
  • Computer skills including knowledge of all Microsoft Office applications, website applications, and database management
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, and ability to apply this knowledge to directing stakeholder group coordination; applying analytical techniques and interpersonal relationship skills in determining the needs of the District, partner agencies, and the public
  • Skill in facilitating meetings, identifying agency roles and responsibilities and delegating tasks
  • Skill in establishing and maintaining work relationships with public and private entities, community leaders and partnering agencies
  • Possess tact and have the ability to negotiate for maintaining and fostering the long-term relationships necessary for the success of the program coordination process
  • Skill in oral presentation techniques in order to facilitate stakeholder meetings and make presentations to community groups

Desired Qualifications:

  • A 4-year and/or an advanced degree in Environmental Science, Natural Resource Management, or related field is desirable. However, direct experience or qualifications will be considered
  • Skill in developing public awareness campaigns that identify target audiences, establish methods for reaching them, and demonstrate analytical techniques for evaluating results
  • Experience managing federal grant funding
  • Experience or familiarity with forestry, fire preparedness, and/or fire prevention
  • An understanding of Conservation Districts and a familiarity with the Lake Tahoe and Truckee River watersheds and surrounding communities

Working Conditions: Work is performed at a desk (60%), in meetings (30%) and in the field (10%). Office environment has natural and artificial lighting. Position will require flexible work hours when needed (occasional evenings and weekends), with basic work week being Monday-Friday. Incumbent will be required to use personal vehicle for work duties when District vehicle is not available. District will reimburse mileage at the federal rate.

Salary range: $77,769.60$97,212.00 ($37.39 — $46.74/hour)

To Apply:

  • Open until filled, but preference given to applications received by Monday, November 9.
  • Send email with Fire Adapted Communities Program Manager Position in subject line and attach cover letter, resume and 3 references to: Mike Vollmer, Executive Director –

For more information please see the position description.

Finance and Operations Manager – The Sierra Fund

Nevada City, CA (Semi-remote optional)

Position Summary:

The Sierra Fund is seeking a Finance and Operations Manager. Reporting to the Executive Director, the Finance and Operations Manager is responsible for leading The Sierra Fund’s (TSF) administration, office management, and human resources. The Finance and Operations Manager leads functions for the organization, to ensure that TSF maintains and improves the administrative and finance systems to support effective program implementation and organizational success.

The Director is responsible for managing organizational budgeting and cash flow, financial reporting and compliance, grants administration, organizational accounts, and human resources. They oversee day-to-day administration and data management, manage a contract bookkeeper, contract computer support service, HR consultant, and other vendors as needed. They participate as a member of the leadership team in the development and implementation of organization-wide policies and plans to support the organization’s success.

This position is semi-remote optional, consider candidates within 3 hours of Nevada City. Requirement for one to two day a month visits to our office in Nevada City. Option to work from Nevada City office.

Summary of Duties:

Finance and Administrative Responsibilities (80%)

  • Create, manage, and report out on an annual budget, in close coordination with the Executive Director.
  • Select, manage, coordinate, and support a contract bookkeeper. Provide bookkeeper with financial materials and manage bookkeeper to ensure bills are paid on time and financial systems are accurate and up to date.
  • Manage reimbursement payments for staff and contractors. Oversee all purchasing activity.
  • Consistently analyze financial data and present financial reports to the Directors and Board in an accurate and timely manner; clearly communicate monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements; monitor progress and changes and keep leadership abreast of TSF’s financial status.
  • Oversee all financial, project/program and grants accounting; manage bookkeeper and ensure that expenditures are consistently aligned with grant and program budgets throughout the grant/funding period and up to date. Lead financial reporting or all grants. Ensure that grant and contract invoicing is submitted within deadlines and that collection schedules are adhered to.
  • Manage organizational and programmatic cash flow forecasting by working in partnership with the Directors.
  • Manage organizational bank accounts, issue checks, and lead coordination with financial institutions and account signers.
  • Prepare and update timesheet guides, benefits, and payroll allocations and manage the bookkeeper to ensure staff are paid on time, benefits are well managed, information is accurate, and organizational activities align with restricted fund commitments.
  • Lead coordination with an external auditor as determined (currently every other year) providing materials in a timely way.
  • Review funding proposals and prepare budgets to ensure funding requests are aligned with organizational financial needs and program goals. Manage contracts, timelines, and contract budgets in coordination with staff to ensure contracts are comprehensive and align with financial systems. Track and pay contractors on time. Select and manage contractors hired for administrative or financial projects.
  • Submit invoices to foundation, state, and federal funding portals according to contract guidelines, interface with program officers for budget changes under the direction of the Program Director.
  • Participate in organizational planning, budgeting, and strategy.
  • Manage administrative, HR, financial, and grant data and filing and record-keeping supporting financial and administrative systems.
  • Manage a donor-advised fund, providing quarterly financial reports and updates, and administering small grant awards.
  • Manage best practices to ensure checks and balances split among staff for financial internal control systems.
  • Support and coordinate with the Development Manager and Executive Director in aligning financial records with development records as needed.

Office Management (10%)

  • Manage the office lease and storage space.
  • Oversee contracted computer/technical service support. Manage equipment so that staff has a functional, safe, and effective work environment. Track computer software
  • Support the Development Manager in procuring supplies, so that day-to-day organizational needs is met.
  • Maintain inventory of all fixed assets, including assets purchased with government funds (computers, etc.), assuring accordance with federal regulations.

Human Resources (8%)

  • Coordinate with our insurance brokerage. Secure and manage continuous health insurance, retirement benefits, Directors and Officers insurance, and other organizational coverage, so that TSF employees and Board of Directors are covered/protected.
  • Work with an HR Consultant as needed to ensure compliance with state and federal law(s).
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date employee files and records – so that TSF is continuously in compliance with state and federal law(s).
  • Support the Executive Director and staff to ensure employee reviews and personnel matters are addressed.

Other duties (2%)

  • Other duties as assigned, such as helping with logistics for Board Meetings.

Required Education and Experience:

  • 3-5 years’ administrative and program management experience, ideally for a nonprofit organization.
  • Experience managing a bookkeeper or doing bookkeeping
  • Experience invoicing and contracting
  • Experience managing government grant financial tracking and reporting.
  • Excellent leadership in managing budgets, juggling multiple restricted income sources, producing understandable financial reports, and ensuring up-to-date record-keeping and reporting.
  • Experience with office management or coordinating with an office manager
  • Experience managing contractors, holding them accountable to plans, timelines and commitment and providing information they need to fulfill contractual goals and duties.
  • Excellent organizational skills. Demonstrated ability to be on time, and responsive. Highly attentive to detail and committed to high quality work products.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective professional relationships and partnerships. Strong interpersonal and communication skills. Ability to work well with remote staff and contractors. Team oriented.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to work independently and with minimal supervision.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office tools, Google documents, Zoom, and Windows.

Supervisory Responsibility: This position has supervisory responsibilities for the contract Bookkeeper, contract computer service support, and other vendors as needed.

Work Environment: This job operates in a professional office environment and/or your home office. This role routinely uses standard office equipment such as computers, phones, photocopiers, and filing cabinets.

Physical Demands: The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to talk or hear. The employee frequently is required to stand; walk; use hands; reach with hands and arms; and light lifting up to 35 lbs. is occasionally required.

Location: This position is desired to be based in the Nevada City office, but working remotely would be considered or some mix of in-office/home office.

Travel: Travel is a component of the position. Occasional out-of-the-area and overnight travel is expected.

Salary and Benefits: $62,000-$70,000 This is a full-time, exempt position; eligible for health insurance, sick/vacation accrual, paid holidays, and retirement contribution. TSF normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Occasional evening and weekend work may be required as job duties demand.

To Apply:

  • Send a resume and one page cover letter highlighting your qualifications and interest in the position to
  • The position will remain open until filled and candidates will be reviewed and potentially interviewed on an ongoing basis.

For more information please see the position description.

Program Associate – The Sierra Fund

Nevada City, CA (Semi-remote optional)

Position Summary:

The Sierra Fund is seeking a Program Associate support program grant administration, program coordination and field work/data management activities, The Sierra Fund’s Ecosystem Resiliency Program (ERP) and Environmentally Healthy Communities (EHC) Programs. The Program Associate supports the Program Director with project tracking and deadlines.

The Program Associate is responsible for helping coordinate government, foundation, fee for service and donor-funded work for our programs. The Associate helps the Director manage state and federal grants, supports grant reporting and budget tracking, and coordinates with program staff to meet deliverable deadlines. They also help create a variety of materials and supports outreach to educate the public and key partners about our programs. They support field work by helping with environmental permit applications and collecting and organizing field data from other staff. This position includes responsibility for special event planning, volunteer coordination, and other outreach support on an as-needed basis.

This position is semi-remote optional, consider candidates within 3 hours of Nevada City. Requirement for one to two day a month visits to our office in Nevada City. Option to work from Nevada City office.

Summary of Duties:

Program Grant Administration (55%)

  • State and Federal Grant management
    • Track when reports are due, coordinate staff, gather records
    • Create and maintain project tracking spreadsheets, public-drive files, records of deliverables and filing system on shared drive.
    • Track grant deliverables and timelines to support staff in fulfillment
  • Track state/federal foundation grant opportunities – track/scan and organize
  • State and Federal Grant writing
    • Lead writing state/federal grants and coordinate with program staff
  • State and federal budget development, tracking and reporting
  • State, Federal, Grant Reporting – Lead program team in creating and reporting on Federal Grants
  • Support Private Foundation Grant Reporting – complete updates and report sections as assigned by the Development Director

Program Administration and Project Coordination (30%)

  • Schedule and manage program meetings and other partnership meetings as assigned (such as Technical Advisory Committees), such as agenda development, logistics support, invitations/attendance, and meeting notes
  • Support program staff to organize tours, meetings, and presentations.
  • Support program staff developing power points, factsheets, reports, and other written materials
  • Help write content for webpages, emails, and social media on program activities.
  • Support the development and distribution of news releases, calendar announcements, and other media outreach
  • Communicate and coordinate with assigned project partners, landowners, and others with respect to fieldwork, access, protocols, data organization, deliverables, and other project coordination
  • Support environmental permit applications and coordination.
  • Organize outreach for program events, such as annual Post It Day. Plan and implement event, including recruitment, event sponsorship, attendance tracking, logistics, and communication.
  • Enter and maintain records for program staff in TSF’s contact database (CRM) for partner organizations and individuals.
  • Support social media community media communications strategy to increase public awareness of TSF’s projects and issues.
  • Help create outreach materials for community engagement such as factsheets, reports, memos, webpages, emails, and social media.

Field Work Support and Data Management Activities (15%)

  • Organize data collected in the field such as water quality, velocity and water temperature and compile data collected by subcontractors and graduate students into TSF databases on a regular basis, keep up filing systems.
  • Organize, update, and maintain reference document libraries and resources for field projects, keep up filing systems.
  • Assist program staff to recruit and manage volunteers for field work, such as collecting waiver forms.
  • Support packing and organizing field equipment for maintenance, sampling events and field camps.
  • Maintain inventory of TSF field/science equipment and supplies.
  • Coordinate equipment sharing with partner organizations

Other duties as assigned (5%)

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree (preferred degrees: Environmental Science, English, Communications or Journalism).
  • 2-3 years professional experience: preferred administrative or office support.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Computer proficiency in PC-based system, including Adobe, Google Suite, and Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Ability to work within proposal and reporting guidelines and achieve objectives by hard deadlines.
  • Ability to craft letters, memos and others documents with data provided by staff.
  • Experience inputting and updating data in CRMs or other databases
  • Ability to track information, compile data, and update tracking systems and records using spreadsheets or other software.
  • Ability to organize and implement system to compile and get out mass mailings
  • Ability to take direction and follow through with recurring tasks with minimal supervision
  • Comfort asking questions and seeking support from their supervisor to complete tasks
  • Strong interpersonal verbal communication skills and comfort coordinating with staff members
  • Interest and ability to learn new administrative skills, software, and databases
  • Strong ability to follow directions and implement established administrative tasks or systems.
  • Proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing simple English to implement tasks noted above.
  • Attention to detail and team player

Desired Qualifications:

  • Familiarity and understanding of public lands, waters, and natural resources in the Sierra Nevada
  • Experience updating computer software
  • Experience authoring emails and/or creating reports in Word or Excel to communicate progress or challenges to their supervisor on tasks and projects.

Supervisory Responsibility: This position does not have supervisory responsibilities for TSF staff. This position does include supervisory oversight over volunteers for special events.

Work Environment: This job operates in a professional office. This role routinely uses standard office equipment such as computers, phones, photocopiers, filing cabinets and fax machines. Some field work may be requested, such as planting willows/attending field camp – not to exceed four weeks a year.

Physical Demands: The employee is regularly required to talk or hear. The employee frequently is required to stand; walk; use hands to finger, handle or feel; and reach with hands and arms.

Travel: Occasional out-of-the-area and overnight travel is expected.

Other Duties: This job posting is not a comprehensive listing of activities, duties or responsibilities that are required of the employee for this job. Duties, responsibilities, and activities may change.

Salary and Benefits: $55,000-60,000 This is a full-time, exempt position; semi-remote optional, eligible for health insurance, sick/vacation accrual, paid holidays, and retirement contribution. TSF normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Occasional evening and weekend work may be required as job duties demand.

To Apply:

  • Send a resume and cover letter highlighting your qualifications and interest in the position to
  • The position will remain open until filled and candidates will be reviewed and potentially interviewed on an ongoing basis.

For more information please see the position description.

Forest Conservation Project Manager – South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL)

Nevada City, CA

Position Description:

The Forest Conservation Project Manager leads forest health projects in collaboration, planning and restoration, supporting the Watershed Science department, and supports development of future restoration and monitoring projects. SYRCL’s forest health work accelerated in 2019 and continues to grow considerably. The Forest Conservation Project Manager will fulfill SYRCL’s current program deliverables as well as provide recommendations and support funding acquisition for future projects. SYRCL’s Forest Health program aims to 1) improve forest health and forest resiliency throughout the watershed 2) engage diverse stakeholders throughout the Yuba River watershed to promote and implement forest health projects, 3) raise funds to continue collaborative planning efforts and on-the-ground project implementation.

The Forest Conservation Project Manager will work to meet the above goals as currently envisioned while also supporting the development of a larger forest conservation work for the organization.

This is a full-time, hourly position. During the field season, May-September, the Forest Conservation Project Manager may be asked to camp in remote locations while conducting field work for no more than three nights a week. During the off-season, the position will be scheduled during normal business hours (Monday through Friday 9 am to 6 pm) with occasional evening and weekend events. Some overtime hours are to be expected, generally during the spring-fall field season, and are estimated not to exceed 50 hours.


The Forest Conservation Project Manager will provide project management, strategic and science-based recommendations, direct supervision of one or more employees, proactive fundraising, stakeholder engagement, and grant writing. The Forest Conservation Project Manager programmatic responsibilities will include organizing the Yuba Forest Network (YFN) stakeholder engagement, assisting in the restoration plan design and conducting fieldwork for a Yuba Headwaters Aspen Assessment, managing an aspen habitat fencing and youth outdoor education project, and collaborating to develop new forest resilience projects in the watershed. As needed, the Forest Conservation Project Manager will assist with the North Yuba Forest Partnership (NYFP). The position will require a significant amount of stakeholder engagement, public speaking, knowledge in the field of forest ecology, managerial and fundraising experience, and contractor and staff management. The successful candidate will support and advance SYRCL’s forest conservation priorities including:

  • Support a sustainable and diverse forest conservation program within SYRCL’s Watershed Science Department that works towards forest resiliency and is based in both the best available science and regional expertise.
  • Organize and facilitate Yuba Forest Network (YFN) stakeholder meetings and build relationships with stakeholders for large-scale and long-term forest landscape planning to develop and prioritize future projects.
  • Lead field work, supervising seasonal field technicians, for a watershed-wide aspen assessment and restoration planning project.
  • Collaborate with YFN partners and the USFS Tahoe National Forest staff to develop restoration projects.
  • Work collaboratively with SYRCL staff to develop interdisciplinary projects with elements of science, education, volunteer engagement, outreach, advocacy, and more.
  • Contribute to the development of new ecological forest restoration projects, including commercial and non-commercial thinning, reforestation, and prescribed fire.
  • Lead and support programmatic grant writing, necessary to plan and implement new and existing projects.
  • Assist in the development, negotiation, award, and administering of contracts, budgets, and reports.
  • Support SYRCL’s participation in the North Yuba Forest Partnership, a diverse group of nine organizations working to collaboratively plan and implement forest restoration across an unprecedented scale of 300,000,000 acres of USFS managed land.
  • Basic administration functions and other duties as they arise.

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in forest ecology, forestry, silviculture, biology, natural resources management, environmental planning, or a closely related field.
  • A minimum of two years of relevant experience or graduate degree in related field.
  • Strong public speaking or facilitation experience. Effective communication skills necessary to develop and maintain lasting partnerships with government, agency, and community representatives.
  • Proven grant writing and project management experience including ensuring that awarded grants are tracked to make certain completion of deliverables, reporting, billing, and invoicing.
  • Team player and ability to interact effectively with people from different cultures and experiences.
  • Experience with ecological field data collection, GPS/GIS use, and data management is required.
  • Familiarity with GIS and mapping.
  • Demonstrated experience in creative problem-solving, opportunity development, effectively leveraging talent across diverse teams, and developing novel approaches to achieve high-impact outcomes.
  • Demonstrates initiative, is conscientious, and provides follow-through on areas of responsibility.
  • Positive, self-motivated, and quick learning performer highly valued. This position requires confidentiality, and a sense of humor is a must.
  • Possession of a properly registered and insured personal vehicle, and a valid California Driver’s License.

Salary: Hourly wage is $26-$28/hr., depending on experience.

To Apply:

  • Submit your cover letter and resume online here:
  • Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Preference will be given to applications received by 5/3/22.
  • Our interview process begins with a phone screen interview; semi-finalists will be invited to video call panel interview if not local; and finalists will be invited for an in-person interview.

For more information please see the position description.

Membership Associate – South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL)

Nevada City, CA

Position Description:

SYRCL seeks either an emerging or experienced fundraising professional, with a passion for the environment, to sustain and grow our annual giving program. The Membership Associate provides support and coordination for SYRCL’s fundraising, sponsorship, and membership programs, including stewardship of individual donors, and corporate and foundation partners. The position assists with planning and executing annual giving activities and fundraising events, membership solicitation and renewals, and sponsorship solicitation and fulfillment.

This position requires 40 hours per week, including occasional evenings and weekends. The successful candidate will demonstrate capacity to learn quickly, show initiative, and thrive in a team-oriented work environment.

This is an outstanding opportunity for a customer service-oriented person who has a passion for donor engagement and data management and enjoys working for a community-based non-profit organization dedicated to watershed protection.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field
  • Proven ability to meet deadlines, prioritize tasks, and follow through on areas of responsibility.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Proven ability to manage fundraising projects and events.
  • Exceptional attention to detail required.
  • Data entry experience required; experience with CRM platforms or databases is required.
  • Proficiency Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher; remote workplace programs.
  • Strong interest in nonprofit career path; three or more years of fundraising experience preferred.
  • Highest commitment to protecting the confidentiality and security of donor information.
  • Ability to work independently and in teams.
  • Excellent interpersonal, customer service and computer skills.
  • Must maintain a positive, professional, and highly cooperative spirit in engaging with members, volunteers and staff at all times.
  • Basic graphic design skills are a plus.


  • Manage SYRCL’s donor database and online fundraising platform (Salsa Engage and Salsa CRM) including but not limited to:
    • Entering new donors and gifts
    • Updating and maintaining accurate donor records
    • Creating and running queries, exports and reports as directed
  • Create solicitations and thank you letters, invoices, membership cards, etc., for individuals and businesses.
  • Maintain email lists and coordinate data synchronization among volunteer, email and donor database.
  • Coordinate mail projects.
  • Conduct fundraising calls to members, volunteers, sponsors and businesses
  • Track sponsor and major donor benefits
  • Maintain complete and well-organized electronic and paper files on all members.
  • Assist researching funding opportunities (grants, foundations, corporate and philanthropic funders).
  • Steward monthly giving program as well as annual members and donors.
  • Coordinate special events
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • This is a full-time non-exempt position.
  • The hourly wage is between $20-$23, negotiated based on experience.

To Apply:

For more information please see the position description.

Wild & Scenic Film Festival Intern – South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL)


Position Description: 

Under the supervision of the On Tour Sales Manager, the Intern will assist with specific aspects of production for a turnkey, touring film festival, while learning what it takes to produce an event of this scale. Specific duties are outlined below and will be completed with direction from Festival staff. This position is part-time and temporary, requiring commitment to a work schedule of 20 hours per week on an agreed upon schedule.


  • College Degree in progress. Great fits: Degrees in Film, Communications, Marketing, and Advertising.
  • Experience and/or a desire to work in a high energy virtual environment, within a collaborative work structure.
  • Ability to work cooperatively with staff and On Tour Hosts.
  • Demonstrate initiative and provide follow-through on areas of
  • Detail-oriented with excellent organizational
  • Superior communication skills to make sure everyone is on the same page.
  • Ability to work under tight deadlines.
  • Excellent computer skills, including proficiency with Word and Excel. Adobe Creative Cloud, current online cloud-based technologies, and CRM experience preferred.
  • Confidentiality, patience, and a good sense of humor.

To Apply:

  • Apply online here.
  • Position open until filled.

For more information please see the position description.

River Captain – South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL)

Nevada City, CA

Position Summary:

River Captains train and oversee River Ambassador volunteers to educate visitors about river safety and etiquette at assigned river crossings, including the Highway 49 bridge, Bridgeport, and Purdon Crossing. River Captains are also responsible for collecting programmatic data about visitors, trash collected, and interactions. While on-the-ground duties occur on weekends, River Captains can expect to spend two hours midweek in meetings and completing administrative duties, such as data entry, scheduling, and supply restocking River Captains average 15 hours per week.

NOTE: River Captains must be available to work weekends during the summer. The River Ambassador program will run during Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day holiday weekends. Please only apply if you are available to work these dates. Applicants must also be available for trainings in May and as needed, in addition to post-program evaluation during the first week of September.


  • Coordinate with River Ambassador volunteers to confirm scheduling each weekend.
  • Pick up outreach materials and set up booth each shift.
  • Supervise and train volunteer River Ambassadors on Saturday and Sundays.
  • Model non-confrontational interactions with visitors encountered along trails, at beaches, and parking lots with the help of River Ambassadors.
  • Educate visitors about river stewardship and remove trash, dog waste, and fire pits as needed.
  • Educate visitors on SYRCL’s programs. Encourage membership and volunteerism.
  • Maintain daily logs detailing contacts made, litter-collected, and other data.
  • Assist Stewardship Coordinator as needed in planning and implementing regular training and evaluation sessions, a mid-season potluck and end-of-season volunteer appreciation event.
  • Develop outreach materials as needed.
  • Maintain organized and fully stocked River Ambassador supply bins.


  • Extensive familiarity and love for the Yuba River.
  • Excellent “people skills” including superior communication skills and a commitment to positive interactions with diverse visitors.
  • Expertise in supervising and coordinating volunteers.
  • Computer skills including Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Docs, Email.
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail for scheduling, data collection, and record keeping.
  • Ability to work independently, solve problems, and exercise good judgment.
  • Have your own vehicle with a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance.
  • Readily available by phone and email.
  • First Aid experience a plus.
  • Willingness to submit to a Livescan background check.

Salary: Compensation will be $15 per hour

To Apply:

  • River Ambassador training is May 15, 2022, and the first day on the river is May 28th, 2022.
  • Positions are open until filled.
  • Please apply online.

For more information please see the position description.

Land Conservation Program Director – Eastern Sierra Land Trust (ESLT)

Bishop, CA

Position Summary:

Eastern Sierra Land Trust’s (ESLT) Land Conservation Program Director is responsible for the land protection program of ESLT. The position coordinates and implements a comprehensive program to protect natural areas and wildlife habitat, agricultural properties, and other priority lands using the full range of protection tools, including gift, conservation easement, purchase, bargain sale, collaborations, and cooperative projects with federal, state, and local government, conservation organizations and other partners. The position is responsible for implementing and achieving ESLT’s strategic priorities through representing ESLT in relationships and negotiations with private landowners, community leaders, funders, and cooperating agencies/organizations to implement and finance protection of priority conservation areas. The position provides supervision of the Stewardship program and is responsible for maintaining ESLT’s accredited status as it relates to land protection and stewardship. The position will be expected to attend Lands Committee meetings, some Board meetings, some regional meetings, and various trainings. The position ensures that all land transaction, stewardship, grant reporting, and record-keeping tasks are fulfilled according to ESLT’s policies and procedures and Land Trust Alliance Standards and Practices.

Reporting to the Executive Director/CEO, the position supervises the Land Stewardship Manager and may supervise seasonal staff, volunteers, and contractors. Working in a collaborative team environment, the position will be expected to perform other duties as requested.

The position requires a mix of office and administrative work, as well as occasional fieldwork. Flexible schedule required, as weekend and evening events are occasionally necessary. ESLT offers a hybrid workplace and dog-friendly office to those who are interested and eligible. The position requires time in the field and at the office and is somewhat seasonal as it relates to field versus office duties. In the past five years, ESLT has completed six land protection projects totaling over 9,000 acres.

Key Responsibilities:

Conservation Planning and Land/Conservation Easement Transactions

  • Identify, plan, negotiate, and secure protection of lands and waters using a complete range of protection tools, including conservation easements, fee simple acquisitions, cooperative ventures, management agreements, land exchanges, land transfers, and gifts of land.
  • Write, edit, update, negotiate, and review transaction documents, in collaboration with ESLT’s contract attorney. These include conservation easement deeds, donation agreements, letters of intent, purchase and sale agreements, leases, escrow instructions, and governmental agreements that comply with ESLT and Land Trust Alliance standards.
  • Facilitate the review of legal and real estate documents (e.g. title, escrow, due diligence, surveys, mineral rights, and water rights) to determine liabilities associated with potential acquisitions and oversee resolution of any issues prior to closing.
  • Research and identify specific opportunities to maintain a pipeline of potential acquisitions that meet ESLT’s strategic goals.
  • Develop funding strategies for acquisitions and, where possible, project costs, including identifying, seeking, and reporting on public and private grants.
  • Select appraisers and review appraisal reports.
  • Draft (or supervise drafting of) baseline documentation reports, grassland management plans, grazing plans, and agricultural plans.
  • Manage governmental funder relationships and act as the primary ESLT contact for grants that support acquisition projects.
  • Field questions and interest from landowners and other community members regarding potential conservation easement or fee land acquisitions.
  • Build and maintain positive working relationships with landowners, lessees, communities, federal and state agencies, local governments, Native nations, and other conservation organizations to expand conservation efforts and develop support for ESLT’s activities.
  • Provide leadership and guidance in implementing long-term conservation planning and strategic planning for land protection and stewardship goals and objectives.
  • Manage the legal, contractual, and other processes of carrying projects to completion from initial contact to negotiations to closing. This includes oversight of ESLT’s project approval process through the Lands Committee and Board of Directors.
  • Conduct fieldwork. Collect (or oversee the collection of) photographs, notes, and data that inform conservation easement baseline reports, agricultural plans, and map exhibits.
  • Prepare GIS maps and use GIS to analyze data.
  • Stay up-to-date on local, state, and federal statutory or regulatory changes, grant sources, and case law that could affect conservation easement or fee land acquisition.

Supervision of Land Stewardship Manager

  • Create and maintain a positive working environment, strong staff morale, and a culture of teamwork and mutual support.
  • Provide advice and support for Land Stewardship Manager’s efforts to manage easement notices, requests for approval, amendments, potential violations, and legal and public relations issues for ESLT’s existing protected properties.
  • Advise Land Stewardship Manager regarding conservation easement interpretation questions.
  • Assist the Land Stewardship Manager with performance management, training, and career development. Establish clear directions and help set objectives.


  • Educate landowners and stakeholders about conservation benefits and practices.
  • Provide landowners with guidance and information about conservation techniques, including conservation easements, bargain sales, and charitable donations.
  • Represent the organization, as needed, as a presenter/educator in various situations designed to increase public awareness of the mission and goals of ESLT.
  • Assist with post-closing tasks, including promotion (website, newsletter articles, press releases), and dedication event planning.
  • Lead outreach projects and public education events including interpretive outings, farm and ranch tours, and assist with fundraising events and other special events as needed.


  • Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of five years related experience in natural resources management, conservation, business, law, real estate, fundraising, or other related experience or equivalent combination of graduate degree and three years’ experience.
  • Expertise in the mechanics of voluntary land protection techniques, including conservation easements, fee-simple acquisitions, related tax issues, stewardship issues, funding sources, and other financial considerations. Previous real estate, negotiating, and land trust experience strongly preferred.
  • Considerable knowledge of agricultural and land conservation techniques and practices; appraisal standards and practices; escrow processes; tax implications of land conservation strategies; and economic trends of land value.
  • Strong project management skills with ability to complete projects within deadlines and established budget.
  • Knowledge of and ability to answer questions regarding current trends and practices in conservation, land management, ranching, and natural resource preservation. Understanding of emerging public policy issues affecting land use and land conservation, including habitat protection, water quality/quantity, and climate change.
  • Ability to work in a team environment as well as independently with minimal supervision.
  • Ability to manage time and diverse activities under deadlines while delivering quality results.
  • Experience with securing and managing public and private grant funding.
  • Experience with contract drafting, review, and management.
  • Experience supervising staff, volunteers, and/or interns.
  • Knowledge of conservation planning, monitoring, stewardship, GIS, and map-making.
  • Excellent writing and communications skills, as well as attention to detail. Strong aptitude for communicating oral and written ideas in English.
  • Superb interpersonal skills demonstrating diplomacy, professionalism, authenticity, and tact.
  • Creative problem-solver and comfortable navigating conflict.
  • Persistence, sense of humor, and a high tolerance for meeting competing demands efficiently.
  • Experience hiking in remote and rugged terrain.
  • When traveling to and working on remote properties, may require camping or staying at a hotel in shared accommodation for up to a week at a time.
  • Must have (or be willing to get) a valid driver’s license with insurance.

Salary: Based on experience, ranging from $80,000 – $100,000 with benefits.

To Apply:

  • Send cover letter, résumé, and three references to with the subject line: Land Conservation Program Director Position.
  • No phone calls or drop-ins, please.
  • Application review will begin April 28, 2022, with an anticipated start date of June/July. Applications submitted after April 28, 2022 will continue to be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled.

For more information please see the position description.

Requests For Proposals (RFP) and Requests For Bids (RFB) – Truckee River Watershed Council

Truckee, CA

Truckee River Watershed Council (TRWC) is releasing several Requests For Proposals (RFP) and Requests For Bids (RFB) for restoration design, construction, environmental compliance, permit assistance, and the like for 2022 and 2023. We appreciate that some firms may wish to respond to multiple RFPs & RFBs. To help with proposal and bid preparation, we offer the following:

  1. Responding to Multiple RFPs/RFBs: Firms may respond to multiple RFPs and RFBs. In the vast majority of our projects, a firm will not be prevented from bidding on future work if they participate in current work. In the rare case where this prohibition exists, we will state the prohibition in the current RFP/RFB.
  2. Lead Firm vs. Subcontracted Firm: We understand and accept a given firm may be the lead in one response and a subcontractor in another response.
  3. Respond to Each RFP/RFB: Each of our projects has a unique combination of partners, stakeholders, funders, constraints, opportunities, and timelines. Due to the characteristics of each project, we purposely release separate RFPs/RFBs. Firms must submit a response to each RFP or RFB to be considered. While we appreciate that a firm might be able to offer efficiencies if we combined projects, the unique set of characteristics of each project prevent us from combining projects more than has already been done.
  4. Repeating Information Across Multiple Responses: We understand and accept that information about the firm, its staff, past work, references, work approach, and the like may be repeated, perhaps even word for word, across multiple responses.

2022 Schedule for Release of RFPs and RFBs

  • Subject to change in projects, scope, and/or timing of release
  • Future lists will include projects in the assessment and design phases
  • This list and RFPs/RFBs are posted on the TRWC website and noticed via the TRWC e-newsletter Truckee River Currents

For more information please see the RFPS/RFBs description or the corresponding post on the TRWC website.

Development Coordinator – Sierra Streams Institute (SSI)

Nevada City, CA

The Development Coordinator at Sierra Streams Institute (SSI) will take on a lead role in ensuring philanthropic and community fundraising goals are met. The Development Coordinator will oversee the management of SSI’s constituent and donor database and its strategic use in building the organization’s base of support through campaigns, partnership events, and other initiatives. Some example duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Work with the Executive Director, Board of Directors, and the Board Fundraising Committee to ensure annual and long-term revenue goals are met.
  • Design and implement an effective annual giving program focused on growing and upgrading the donor base.
  • Identify prospective individual and corporate donors and develop strategies to cultivate those relationships.
  • Create relationships with local businesses and community members to partner for fundraising opportunities.
  • Develop new fundraising tactics.
  • Prepare communications and outreach for events, fundraising, etc.

Job Requirements 

  • Bachelor’s degree and 1-2 years of fundraising experience in the nonprofit sector; experience working directly with donors and foundations preferred.
  • Excellent written (including editing and proofreading) and verbal communication skills, including the ability to understand and translate SSI’s mission to different audiences.
  • WordPress web management experience.
  • Able to set short-and long-term planning goals in line with program priorities and available resources. A task-oriented style, with a focus on achieving clear and ambitious goals. Demonstrated ability to meet multiple deadlines by maintaining a high level of organization while delivering a high-quality work product.
  • Able to develop and move projects forward with independence and autonomy and maintain attention to detail and thoroughness in completing assigned duties.
  • At least one year of experience interacting with a sophisticated donor database. Experience with Little Green Light strongly preferred.
  • Strong organizational skills, a keen eye for detail, and quality control are imperative, as well as being able to work on multiple projects and tasks at once.
  • A commitment to customer service; excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office software including Word and Excel, Google Workspace, and social media platforms (i.e. Facebook and Instagram).
  • Demonstrated success to work independently and in team environments.
  • Ability to work with sensitive information and maintain confidentiality.

Compensation: $25-$28/hour, commensurate with experience and qualifications

Hours: 20-25/week to start (flexible schedule), with tiered increase in hours based on new revenue generated.

To Apply:

  • Position is open until filled.
  • Please send resume, cover letter and contact information for three references to Jeff Lauder, Executive Director, at Write “Development Coordinator Application” in the subject line.

For a more information see the position description.

California State Manager

North Fork California


American Forests is a national non-profit organization committed to creating healthy and resilient forests from cities to wilderness that deliver essential benefits for climate, people, water and wildlife. Established in 1875, American Forests has been restoring forests for more than 140 years. And, while we may be the oldest national conservation organization, our work today is more important than ever. Our projects, which have taken place in all 50 states, have recovered hundreds of thousands of acres of wildlife habitat, safeguarded vital watersheds, absorbed millions of tons of greenhouse gases and protected some of the most stunning landscapes in America.


The California State Manager serves as the point person between American Forests California State Director and the successful execution of on-the-ground project work. In this capacity, the California State Manager provides administrative support, grant/project management, and engagement responsibilities. The California State Manager role is ideal for highly organized and detail-oriented candidates that are able to manage multiple responsibilities and deadlines simultaneously. The California State Manager has the opportunity to gain diverse experiences and skills around forest restoration and social issues while making a positive impact. Specific responsibilities can be found below.


Ability to demonstrate equivalent education and/or experience in the field of natural resources, forest management, environmental science or other applicable fields. Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree is required. Experience, trainings, or certification in project management, grant writing/management, or financial management is a plus. Experience in California forest restoration project or program activities is favorable. A combination of education and experience will be considered in determining relative candidate qualifications.

  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Juggle competing priorities
  • Work effectively with teams
  • Strong project management skills
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite (Excel & Power Point)


The majority of work is performed in a general office environment, with occasional opportunities to travel or be in the field. American Forests headquarters is in Washington D.C. however the California office is located in North Fork California which is an hour north of Fresno and 40 minutes south of Yosemite National Park (south entrance).

TO APPLY:  Please submit a cover letter and resume to Position will remain open until adequate and competitive candidates submit apply. Please note that we are hoping to fill the position ASAP. *American Forests in an equal opportunity employer.


  1. Project Management and Administration (60%)
    • Provide oversight on projects, including tracking project progress and documenting outcomes and deliverables
    • Review, create and manage contracts
    • Participate and enhance climate adaptation planning processes while incorporating and tracking scientific information from project efforts
    • Direct management support for California grants including but not limited to Climate Change Response Framework initiatives.
    • Prepare and review program budgets and financial reporting
  1. Science Engagement (20%)
    • Contribute to climate adaptation science development and implementation efforts
    • Analyzed and summarize research projects for scientific publications and reports
    • Develop, research and/or synthesis research program needs
  1. Community/Partner Engagement (15%)
    • Run/host public meetings and all pre/post meeting logistics (i.e. meeting prep, meeting minutes, follow up communications or research)
    • Support or assist public forums/workshops
    • Represent American Forests CA State Director in partner meetings
    • Build and maintain relationships with nonprofit conservation organizations, federal agencies and other forest conservation stakeholders.
  1. Other (5%)
    • Support California State Director on a multitude of initiatives
    • Participate in/on fundraising opportunities
    • Engage in program development efforts
    • Conduct site visits to evaluate restoration projects
    • Other duties as assigned


California’s forests are facing unprecedented threats from rising temperatures, increased and prolonged drought, and larger and more intense wildfires. The combined effects of these changes and extreme events are severely stressing the region’s iconic forests and diminishing the natural benefits of California forests provide including carbon sequestration, water supply and quality, wildlife habitat, recreation, and timber production. The science is clear that action is needed now to protect these natural benefits.

While American Forests is actively engaged in activities across the country, leadership has prioritized California as both an area of concern and opportunity. As such, American Forests has committed resources to best accelerate the pace and scale of forest restoration efforts through collaborative conservation. As a non-governmental organization that can truly work across landscapes (public and private lands with public and private funds), American Forests hopes to provide support, innovative science-based solutions, technical assistance, and policy insights to build upon state-wide efforts.

Currently the California office of American Forests is having critical conversations with organizations across the state. Efforts include but are not limited to:

  • Program and project development with landowners throughout the Sierra Nevada to best leverage resources and expand on-the-ground impacts that provide key ecosystem services around water and carbon for the entire state.
  • Working with public land managers to execute large scale reforestation efforts on iconic fire scars across the state while encouraging climate-smart site preparations and planting techniques.
  • Designing and executing a climate-smart planning process for the Sierra National Forest through Climate Change Investment funds.
  • Playing a leadership role in state-wide discussions, including the involvement in the Governors Forest Management Task Force.

American Forests has a long history of partnering with the USDA Forest Service, State of California, Conservation Districts and other partners to implement restoration projects. Since 1991, the work has led to the planting 6 million trees in the state. This position will play a key role in strengthening and deepening American Forests’ role in California.

For more information, visit

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