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CHIPS Forestry is searching for an Outreach/Training Manager. Please read the job following job description. Please apply using the application down below.

Calaveras Healthy Impact Product Solutions (CHIPS Forestry) is hiring for an Outreach Manager. This position reports to the Executive Director. The Outreach and Training Manager will coordinate with the Field Operations Supervisor to recruit and enroll new employees, contact tribes to develop strong relationships with CHIPS Forestry and coordinate training programs.
Administrative Responsibilities:
  • Seek out and attend forestry industry and tribal meetings either in person or virtually.
  • Speak at industry and tribal events and/or join panels to speak on behalf of CHIPS Forestry.

  • Attend and participate in Admin staff meetings each Friday.

  • Attend quarterly Board of Directors meetings.

  • Prepare a written report of activity for the Board of Directors meetings.

Outreach Responsibilities:

  • Develop relationships with tribes and tribal leaders in the Sierra Nevada region.

  • Stay aware of tribal activities as pertains to forestry stewardship, including existing tribal projects and tribal crews.

  • Recruit new tribal crew members and arrange for their training.  Identify training needs and statuses for each crew and for each crew member.

  • Cooperate with the Sierra Institute’s High Roads Training Project.

  • Work with Columbia College’s Greater Sierra Forestry Corps and similar community college training programs to train new recruits.

  • Document all training sessions, maintain an accurate and up-to-date training calendar, collect and process all training sign-in sheets, certificates, and other information needed for reports to funding sources.

  • Ensure CPR, First Aid and other necessary trainings not included in Community College trainings are conducted.

  • Coordinate this effort within the scope of the High Roads Training Program.


$50,000 to $57,000/yr. depending on experience.

2 weeks paid vacation per year, after 90 days.

Desired Qualifications:

  • High school diploma

  • Computer literacy – Microsoft Office (MS Word, MS Excel).

  • Valid driver’s license

  • Auto Insurance

  • Strong writing skills and willingness to improve

  • Strong social skills, able to forge new relationships easily

Desired Experience Types:

  • Experience working for a non-profit agency

  • Experience working with tribes

  • Existing tribal relationships

  • Forest stewardship experience

  • Outreach experience

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