Old Forest Fire-Effects Sampling Technician (USFS) – Great Basin Institute

Placerville, California

Great Basin Institute, in partnership with the USFS Pacific Southwest Research Station, is recruiting a Fire-effects Sampling Technician to support research on effects of prescribed fire treatment on targeted landscapes of the Sierra Nevada. The field crew (lead and technician) will sample mixed stands at designated sites varying in fire history and severity, stand age, and biophysical setting. During this initial year of the study, measures will include tree-level fire injuries and burn severity, stand-level forest structural characteristics, plant diversity, and animal community composition using recording devices. Control sites will also be sampled.

The crew will coordinate with USFS Research Station staff for training, sampling locations, scheduling, and data management. This is principally a field-based position; opportunities for providing in-office support may be available towards the end of the appointment. Field sampling will be approached by a combination of day trips and camping for multiple consecutive nights.

Participation in this field work will provide exposure to agency research into the contemporary land-management strategy of prescribed fire.

Contract Timeline:

  • Duration: 16-24-week appointment starting in June 2023
  • Weekly schedule: Generally four 10-hour days (40 hours/week); occasional overtime (paid at 1.5x regular wage) may be required

Location: The USFS Pacific Southwest Research Station in Placerville, CA serves as the base of operations and housing.

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Wage: $20.00/hour
  • Health insurance premium at no cost to you
  • Paid personal leave and federal holidays
  • USFS housing

Job Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in natural resource management or allied discipline;
  • Education or on-the-job training in plant identification (emphasis on trees and shrubs)
  • Experience in field work and following standardized field and data protocols;
  • Experience conducting data entry and management;
  • Experience using topographic maps, compass, and GPS for field navigation;
  • Ability to work productively and cooperatively as part of a team focused on accomplishing project goals;
  • Communicate effectively, both written and orally, with a diverse audience.
  • Strong organization skills;
  • Experience and ability to hike by foot for extended periods of time while carrying backpacks, tools, and supplies;
  • Willingness and ability to camp for multiple consecutive nights as needed during field tours;
  • Possess a clean, valid, state-issued driver’s license with ability to safely operate and maintain a 4WD vehicle on and off paved roads; and
  • Willingness and ability to consistently enact high performance standards and a strong work, team, and safety ethic in support of the mission of GBI and the goals and objectives of the USFS

Click here for more information and to apply.

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