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The Sierra Club Conservation Campaign envisions a world where all people have access to nature, clean air and clean water, where humans respect their interconnectedness to the living environment and treat each other, the earth and all species with humility, care and respect. In this world, an active, powerful grassroots movement thrives, holding decision-makers accountable to consistently protecting communities, biodiversity and the environment. This movement values and respects Indigenous rights, including Indigenous perspectives regarding the fundamental rights of nature, knowledge and sovereignty and believes that social justice is environmental justice. Working hand in hand with Indigenous and front-line communities, we have helped secure lasting protections for public lands, waters and wildlife and promote the rights of nature. We have helped address the climate and biodiversity crises by keeping fossil fuels in the ground and by better managing forests, deserts and soils to naturally absorb more carbon. We have helped protect at least 30 percent of lands and waters by the year 2030, salvaging enough habitat to forestall the extinction crisis and helping to combat the climate crisis. Through our work, we will help reconnect people to the power of nature for healing and empowerment, and ensure that these benefits are accessible to all– particularly those who have historically been excluded from the conservation movement. Our communities benefit from time outside and better connections to nature and to our neighbors, fostering healthier individuals and a healthier and more just society overall.

The Lands Conservation Campaign Manager is responsible for the management, planning, coordination, and implementation of the Lands Conservation Program. The Manager embodies and represents the Sierra Club’s commitment to equity, justice, and inclusion in all areas of work. In coordination with the Campaign Director and in conjunction with appropriate national teams and chapters, the Lands Conservation Campaign manager develops, refines and implements national strategies, meeting the established campaign goals, and evaluating campaign effectiveness. The Lands Conservation Campaign Manager represents the Sierra Club and the Campaign as a spokesperson in regard to lands conservation and planning issues, collaborates with, and coordinates the campaign’s activities with other campaign staff, partner organizations, and Sierra Club capacities including Digital, Communication, Environmental Law Program, Federal Policy and Field.

Job activities include but are not limited to:

  1. Applies Equity, Inclusion and Justice (Equity) and anti-oppression values to all initiative activities, including ensuring all staff and lead volunteers in the campaign are supporting Sierra Club’s Multi-Year Equity Plan, including operationalizing the Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing throughout campaign activities. Ensures team members are working to actively pivot away from white supremacist culture and behavior and towards racial equity at the individual and interpersonal levels. Ensures that external campaign outcomes demonstrate a commitment to justice and equity.
  2. Acts as the lead staff member responsible for planning and implementation of the campaign’s Lands Conservation program. Leads, along with appropriate campaign staff and national volunteers, the development of strategic priority campaigns, goals, and objectives focused on protecting 30% of US lands and waters by 2030, prioritizing lands critical to addressing the climate, equity gap, and extinction crisis.
  3. Serves as supervisor by providing and ensuring general and technical guidance and management; preparing and conducting performance reviews; making salary, hiring and promotion recommendations; assigning work and establishing priorities, ensuring staff training, development and enhancement of employee skills.
  4. Ensures full and effective coordination of all Lands Conservation program work with the field department, communications, partnerships, digital strategies, federal policy, environmental law program, national volunteer activist networks, and chapters. Coordinate and collaborates with other campaigns within the Conservation & Outdoors team as appropriate.
  5. Works with the Conservation Director to ensure coordination of Lands Conservation program goals and outcomes with national level campaign priorities. Identifies opportunities for Lands Campaigns to further national goals.
  6. Analyzes issues of national importance and collaborates with other campaign staff and volunteer leaders in formulating and implementing Lands Conservation program strategies in support of national goals. Provides senior level professional expertise to staff and volunteers.
  7. Builds strong relationships with national partner organizations focused on Lands conservation and planning at the national level –with a focus on supporting the leadership of communities most impacted by environmental threats, and building a diverse, broad-based movement to defend and protect our public lands, waters and wildlife.
  8. Plans and develops projects for grant funding, handles personal contacts, solicitation and ongoing relationships with specific foundations and donors involved with the projects. Assists Director in effectively managing the Lands Conservation program budget. Manages and monitors campaign revenue and expenses. Consults with the Director to allocate across campaign budgets. Regularly update Sierra Club Foundation proposal budgets.
  9. Works to ensure that the chapters and volunteers assume meaningful roles in the Lands Conservation program.
  10. Supports and assists the Director in leading the Lands program’s internal communications plan, informing and engaging Sierra Club staff, boards, and volunteers.
  11. Advances special projects and miscellaneous duties.
  12. Travels as needed (when safe to do so).

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