Lab Intern – South Tahoe Public Utility District

South Lake Tahoe, California

Job Summary:

To assist Laboratory Technicians by performing chemical tests, sampling and overall Lab maintenance in order to comply with Drinking Water requirements and treated waste water discharge permits.

Shift & Hours: 8 hour days, 2-4 days per week. Flexible work schedule based on individuals availability and the workload in the lab. The term of employment is not to exceed six months.

Essential Functions:

  1. Collect drinking water, sewage water, well, stream, reservoirs, groundwater and soil samples.
  2. Conduct tests in the lab and field. Tests may include: pH, Electrical Conductivity, Chlorine Residual, Turbidity, Suspended Solids, Settleable Solids, and Alkalinity.
  3. Log and preserve samples.
  4. Pack and ship Laboratory samples.
  5. Prepare Laboratory reagents.
  6. Clean-up and prep work.

Education & Experience Requirements:

The ideal applicant is a college student with a major in biology, chemistry or related field with some laboratory experience.

Proficiency Requirements:

The applicant must have had, and passed with a grade of B or better, at least one semester of college level classes in Biology and / or Chemistry which include laboratory sessions.

Applicant must be competent in algebra.

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