Human-Wildlife Conflicts Coordinator – California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Sacramento, California

Under general direction of the Senior Environmental Scientist Supervisor, based in the CDFW Wildlife Health Laboratory (WHL), the position serves as statewide coordinator and senior lead for the Statewide Human-Wildlife Conflict Program in California. See the Duty Statement for a full list of core duties

  • Statewide Coordination:Serve as the statewide lead and project coordinator for the Statewide Human-Wildlife Conflict Program. Develop standard procedures, protocols, and technical documents to address critical program needs. Provide conflict risk assessments, technical expertise, consultation, and recommendations for incident response. Manage project budgets, contracts, memorandum of understandings, data sharing agreements; coordinate biweekly statewide meetings. Appear before the Fish and Game Commission, governmental, public, and private entities.
  • Data Management: Collect, analyze, and evaluate large datasets specific to human-wildlife conflict, depredation, and incident response statewide. Manage online Wildlife Incident Reporting system data; prepare, review, and/or interpret technical reports, policy, manuscripts, and publications. Present program data and research in peer reviewed scientific journals, and at professional meetings, symposiums, and seminars. Develop and maintain program webpages, outreach materials, and trainings.
  • Wildlife Health Monitoring:Investigate wildlife health and animal welfare issues related to human-wildlife conflict, drought, disease, or contaminants, in coordination with other staff, researchers, and agency partners. Capture, handle, and restrain wild animals, as required. Stay current with evolving methods, scientific literature, and information on One Health approaches to addressing human-wildlife conflict.

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