Headwaters Research Experience Program Manager & Data Analyst – Headwaters Science Institute

Soda Springs, California

Location: Remote, with some programs and events in Northern CA

Job Overview:

Full-time data analyst and research program manager. This job requires good organizational, teaching, and verbal communication skills. As a data analyst, you must work with all the program staff, fundraising staff, and Executive Director to ensure that you collect needed data and disseminate it promptly and in an easy-to-understand format.

The manager is in charge of the research program. They must run, develop, and expand Headwaters Science Institute’s research program. The manager is responsible for primary communication with program students and their parents. The manager will work with the Headwaters staff and communications people to strategically plan and market the programs. In support of this effort, the manager is responsible for collecting and disseminating all necessary materials for highlighting programs for marketing and communications. As an administrative-level staff member, they represent and promote Headwaters Science Institute to all potential and current stakeholders, including schools/teachers, donors, program parents, and the public in Northern California and Nevada and beyond, to increase the reach of programs and perpetuate HSI’s growth. We are especially interested in increasing diversity in program participants with more underserved students.

Job Responsibilities:

Data Analyst

  • Enter program metadata, i.e. number of students per program, program location, program type, cost per program, scholarship awarded, etc.
  • Create & maintain dashboards supplying key financial indicators on all HSI programs.
  • Create and analyze survey data to provide marketable insights and student performance metrics for grants and donors.
  • Analyze social media and website traffic to understand how our social efforts translate to website traffic.
  • Communicate with stakeholders to understand the metrics needed to satisfy HSI’s mission.

Headwaters Research Experience Program Manager

  • Program implementation, including high-quality instruction and planning
  • Coordinating program logistics, including mentors, scheduling and teaching lectures and presentations, submitting student manuscripts, and curating the student journal.
  • Creating and fostering partnerships to generate higher enrollment
  • Responsible for marketing the program with our communications and outreach people
  • Conduct fundraising strategies, including grants to increase diversity in the program by having more financial assistance
  • Parent and family program participant engagement to promote fundraising and word-of-mouth marketing
  • Serving as the main contact person for mentors, students, and parents during programs
  • Keep a semester and yearly program budget and get approval from the ED

Click here for more information and to apply.

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