Government Affairs Manager – The Climate Center

Sacramento, California

Position Description

The Government Affairs Manager (GAM) is responsible for The Climate Center’s policy advocacy in California, primarily focused on policymaking at the State Capitol to realize the ambitious and urgently needed goals of our Climate-Safe California campaign. The GAM is an experienced policy expert who is a team player and team builder, driven to excellence, a self-starter, goal-oriented and committed to an equitable, vibrant future for all. She/they/he will provide expert analysis and guidance on a full range of climate policies including clean energy, natural carbon sequestration, resilience and related efforts to The Climate Center’s management team, initiative leaders and other staff as well as the Board and partners.

The GAM is The Climate Center’s expert on legislative, regulatory, and policy analysis. She/he/they will bring extensive experience in California climate law and policy, including drafting, reviewing and driving the passage of legislation. The GAM will have an in-depth strategic understanding of how the legislative branch can work with the regulatory and executive branches to achieve policy goals. The GAM will also play a lead role in building partnerships and coalitions to support The Center’s policy priorities.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop, implement and regularly report on and evaluate progress on an annual workplan that will outline how to develop and support policy priorities of The Climate Center across organizational initiatives;
  • Build relationships and advocate for The Climate Center’s policy priorities with legislators, their staff, the governor’s office, relevant agencies, key influencers, labor unions, and nonprofit partners;
  • Maintain knowledge of significant developments and trends in the field, serve as a resource to staff on developing issues, and make recommendations to adjust organizational and statewide campaign strategies ensuring that The Climate Center has the appropriate advocacy and policy plans and actions to achieve its goals;
  • Develop policy solutions in coordination with The Climate Center’s staff, advisors, coalition partners, and subject matter experts;
  • Develop and support the production of materials (fact sheets, action alerts and emails, legislative and budget analyses, slide presentations) to improve stakeholder understanding of policy;
  • Coordinate and co-develop communications between The Climate Center’s policy and other relevant consultants, and organizational leadership and staff;
  • Track lobbying activities to ensure work is within the organization’s annual 501(h) election limits, and federal, state and local reporting requirements are met;
  • Recommend legislation for The Climate Center to support or oppose;
  • Track legislative contacts, key positions, and needed follow-up, and share with relevant staff;
  • Conduct media advocacy in conjunction with The Climate Center’s communication staff;
  • Manage communications for all legislative and regulatory hearings, testimony, or formal presentations, including prepping relevant staff;
  • Produce regular quarterly reports for the CEO and board detailing progress towards organizational policy goals;
  • Participate in developing the organizational strategic plan and the annual budget for the policy program;
  • Assist with fundraising activities; and,
  • Other activities as determined by the Chief Operating Officer and/or Chief Executive Officer.


  • Minimum of five years experience advocating for and developing policy for climate, energy, environmental or related issues in Sacramento, serving as a legislative chief of staff, legislative director, and/or state policy staff lead for a nonprofit organization or equivalent
  • Demonstrated and well-developed network of contacts among California state policymakers and their influencers
  • Proven expertise in strategy development and coalition building
  • Extensive knowledge of California legislative and administrative processes and experience analyzing, and interpreting legislative and regulatory language
  • Exceptional communication skills, both written and oral; experience as a public spokesperson and advocate; ability to analyze and articulate legal concepts and other complex issues and to communicate them to a variety of audiences; a “quick study” on a dynamic array of issues
  • Excellent advocacy, consensus-building, coalition-building, and leadership skills with a demonstrated ability to work collegially, listen well and partner collaboratively with other staff, advisors and organizations
  • Demonstrated ability to work with groups and individuals across the political spectrum;
  • Ability to produce consistent, quality work in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to manage several projects simultaneously under pressure and to adjust to frequently changing demands
  • Enjoys working with teams and taking feedback while also a self-starter
  • Experience with and demonstrated knowledge of climate change policy
  • Ability to build relationships with relevant policy partners (eg, with government, policy shops, academic institutions, NGO partners)
  • Demonstrated understanding of community organizing and power building;
  • Ability to develop educational and outreach materials
  • Legal degree is preferred but not required
  • Commitment to equitable climate action
  • Good sense of humor!

For more information and to apply, click here.

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