Forester – Tuolumne River Trust

Sonora, California

The incoming Forester will operate out of TRT’s Sonora office. This position is grant-funded and will include project management, budget control, coordinating implementation of fieldwork, leading field staff, CEQA/NEPA compliance, forest treatment planning, unit delineation, resource protection, and inspections. The Forester will help TRT implement forest health projects across the landscape, focusing public land management within the Stanislaus National Forest and on nearby private lands.

The Forester will help implement the Tuolumne River Trust’s (TRT) forest restoration program on the Stanislaus National Forest and nearby private lands. The Forester will play a central program role by working closely with TRT’s Forest Health Program Manager to manage grants, supervise contractors, as well as plan and implement projects. The Forester will help implement projects designed to increase the health and resilience of the Sierra Nevada forests, protecting and advocating for the ecological, social, and economic values that these forests provide. Finally, the Forester will frequently collaborate with TRT’s education and natural resource policy staff.

The ideal candidate is a Forester with experience running fuels treatment contracts in the Sierra Nevada. They must possess a valid license as a Registered Professional Forester (RPF) issued by the California State Board of Forestry. In addition, they must have working knowledge of forest ecology and related resource concerns, ideally with experience relevant to Sierra Nevada forests and plant communities. Experience with project management, project layout, overseeing project implementation, conservation planning, and managing contracts and subcontractors is ideal, as is a demonstrated ability to be self-directed while working collaboratively with other staff members and partners. This position is currently funded through grants from state and federal agencies.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Forester will advance TRT’s forest restoration program through project planning and project implementation. In addition, the Forester will liaise with private contractors, the Stanislaus National Forest, and staff from Tuolumne County. The Forester will be responsible for implementing contracts, project design and layout, marking boundaries, and project monitoring. The Forester will spend a significant portion of their time (50%) on project operations, managing fuels management activities to ensure projects achieve targets and objectives. In addition, they will ensure that mitigation measures are appropriate. They will monitor fuels treatments, evaluate effects, identify potential problems, and take action to solve them. This work will include designing and implementing fuels management treatments, supervising survey contractors, evaluating treatments and effectiveness, and serving as the point of contact for contracted crews. The Forester will dedicate approximately 40% of their time to planning and coordinating, including designing, reviewing, and implementing land management plans, instructing field staff, writing and reviewing contracts, and tracking projects. The Forester will spend approximately 10% of their time on program management, including soliciting grant funding, reporting project updates to grantors, and coordinating work between multiple partners and agencies.

Primary duties include:

  • Plan and design fuels treatment projects on public and private land.
  • Manage contractors, including:
    • Contractor selection for fuel breaks, understory fuels reduction, timber harvest, weed control, reforestation, and other project work, including developing Requests for Proposals and reviewing submitted proposals.

    • Development of contracts for the implementation of grant-funded work.

    • Establish pre-project flagging to mark work site boundaries, riparian buffers, etc.

  • Schedule and oversee contractor work, including:

    • Site visits.

    • Contractor training for wildlife and cultural resources awareness.

    • Daily or weekly site visits to ensure adherence to project scope and required mitigations.

  • Complete project documentation and monitoring, including:

    • Quarterly or semi-annual grant progress reports to project funders.

    • Project photo-monitoring, including establishment and documentation of photo points.

    • Documentation of invasive plant occurrences, treated area extents, and other field data using mobile phone/tablet-based GIS software.

  • Fieldwork including (but not limited to)

    • Project design, layout, and oversight.

    • Timber stand exams and Common Stand Exams.

    • Survival exams

    • Managing and leading field staff.

  • Ensure compliance with CEQA and NEPA environmental regulations.
  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures, train staff, and contribute to improving processes.
  • Contribute professional advice, analysis, and guidance on forest management strategies, principles, and approaches based on the best available science to ensure forest management plans achieve ecological, social, and economic goals.
  • The Forester may be asked to assist in grant writing efforts necessary to solicit funding for new projects.
  • Other duties as assigned.

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