Forest Research Crew Lead – Adaptive Management Experiment(AMEX), UNR

Various Locations in the Sierra Nevada, California

The Bisbing Forest Ecology & Silviculture Lab at UNR is hiring a full time temporary Forestry Crew Lead as part of the Sierra Nevada Adaptive Management Experiment (AMEX).

This position will lead a team by collecting data to support on-going research studying the impacts of silvicultural treatments to mitigate climate change impacts on forest ecosystems. Duties include but are not limited to: installing and re-surveying permanent plots; collecting pre- and post-treatment tree, plant community, fuels, and health data; mapping forest composition and structure, and conducting survival and regeneration assessments. Additional crew lead specific tasks will include data quality control and correspondence with lab personnel.

Crews will live on-site with non-traditional housing at most locations (tents, trailer, etc.),  though housing (i.e., barracks) may be available at few sites. A field vehicle is provided for job use only (if traveling home on days off, you would need to drive your personal vehicle near the job site). Crew members should expect a dynamic schedule with time spent at multiple research sites across the Sierra Nevada mixed-conifer forest over the course of the season. Field sampling may occur in burned areas and/or in challenging terrain. Ideal candidates will have a strong ability to solve problems that arise in the field and the constitution to both act independently and work well as part of a field team.

Click here for more information and to apply.

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