Fire Impact Monitoring (Vegetation) Technician – Great Basin Institute

Reno, Nevada

GBI is recruiting Post Fire Monitoring Technicians to work with GBI and BLM staff. Each technician will work with one other technician under the supervision of a Field Lead to characterize vegetation using the terrestrial AIM core methods. This video highlights the national BLM AIM strategy for landscape-scale data capture across western states.

The Bureau of Land Management in the state of Nevada is collecting terrestrial AIM data to inform management decisions related to hazardous fuels reduction and Emergency Stabilization and Rehabilitation (ESR) treatments. Monitoring data is needed to determine the locations and desired types of treatments, and to evaluate treatment effectiveness, and to help inform future management decisions on how and when to implement treatments. Crews will collect standard AIM protocols and Plant Density to help inform BLM ESR treatment decisions and restoration efforts. During field work, car camping for 7 night “hitches” in remote locations will typically be required.

Field work will include:

  • Maintaining safety awareness and practices;
  • Extensive 4×4 driving on unmaintained roads;
  • Navigating off-trail to sampling sites;
  • Establishing sampling plots and transects;
  • Identifying and describing soil horizons to help verify ecological site descriptions (ESDs);
  • Collecting vegetation data (including species inventory, forb diversity, species abundance, sagebrush shape, foliar cover, canopy gap, and herbaceous and woody heights);
  • Taking photo-points.

Additional duties include:

  • Regular communication with GBI support staff and agency staff;
  • Participation in GBI and agency trainings;
  • Entering data into both Field Maps and Survey 123 software;
  • Identifying plants to species using dichotomous keys; and
  • Employing extensive QA/QC data checks.

Contract Timeline: Available Appointments:

  • April 12th to September 29th
  • May 29th to September 29th

Click here for more information and to apply.

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