Finance and Operations Director – The Sierra Fund

Nevada City, California

Job Summary:

The Director is responsible for organizational budgeting and cash flow, financial reporting and compliance, grants administration and invoicing, organizational account management, and human resources. They manage an Office Administrator, contract bookkeeper, contract computer support service, HR consultant, and other vendors as needed. They participate in the development and implementation of organization-wide policies and

Summary of Duties:

Finance Responsibilities (50%)

  • Co-create, manage, and report out on a complicated annual organizational budget, in close coordination with the Executive Director. The Annual budget includes financial tracking for over fifteen restricted income sources, unrestricted income, and is a living tool used frequently by senior staff.
  • Consistently analyze financial data and present financial reports to the senior staff and Board in an accurate and timely manner; clearly communicate monthly, quarterly, and annual financials; monitor progress and changes, and keep leadership abreast of TSF’s financial status.
  • Manage, coordinate, and support a contract bookkeeper and Office Administrator to operate accounts payable and receivable systems, including record keeping.
  • Oversee all financial, project/program and grants accounting; manage bookkeeper and ensure that expenditures are consistently aligned with restricted income and program budgets.
  • Review funding proposals and prepare project/grant budgets in close coordination with the Executive Director and Program Director to ensure funding requests are aligned with organizational financial needs and program goals.
  • Manage organizational and programmatic cash flow, including forecasting, working in partnership with the Directors. This includes managing a line of credit.
  • Manage organizational bank and investment accounts. Lead coordination with financial institutions and account signers.
  • Lead coordination with an external financial auditor as determined providing requested information and records in a timely way.
  • Manage a bookkeeper to ensure payroll is on time and accurate.

Operations Responsibilities (30%)

  • Manage the bookkeeper to create and update timesheets and manage the Office Administrator to ensure records are filed on time, accurate, align with any restrictions, and signed by staff and supervisors. This includes co-creating and managing tracking systems for restricted income time allocations.
  • Create and file all federal, state and county required organizational filings
  • Manage contracts, timelines, and contract budgets in coordination with staff to ensure contracts are comprehensive and align with financial systems. Track and pay contractors on time. Select and manage contractors in coordination with the Executive Director for operations or financial projects.
  • Secure and manage continuous health insurance, retirement benefits, Directors and Officers insurance, and other organizational coverage. Coordinate with our insurance brokerage to identify the best services for our needs and budget.
  • Review government grant and fee for service contracts and ensure all financial, administrative, and non-program requirements of the contract are fulfilled.
  • Working with a team of staff, help create and submit according to contract guidelines. Coordinate closely with staff to track invoicing to program/project/ and organizational budgets.
  • Manage a team of staff to ensure checks and balances are divided among staff for strong internal control systems.
  • Align financial records with development records in coordination with the Development and Communications Manager.
  • Lead manager of the organizations electronic and hard copy shared filing system, working closely with staff to create and maintain an easily understood and navigated filing and record keeping system.
  • Lead in managing the office lease and storage space selection and/or renewals, managing the Office Administrator in day to day coordination.
  • Manage the Office Administrator who leads in procuring supplies, so that day to day organizational needs are met.
  • Maintain inventory of all fixed assets, including assets purchased with government funds (computers, etc.), assuring accordance with federal regulations.
  • Manage the Office Administrator in leading efforts to maintain a well-organized, clean, and professional office.

Human Resources (10%)

  • Manage all employee benefits, including retirement.
  • Update Employee Handbooks and create and update other staff forms and documents.
  • Work with an HR Consultant as needed to ensure TSF compliance with state and federal law(s).
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date employee files and records.
  • Orient new staff to operations and finances and support managers in orienting new staff.
  • Support the Executive Director and staff to ensure employee reviews and all personnel matters are addressed.

IT (5%)

  • Oversee contracted computer/technical service support.
  • Manage equipment so that staff have a functional, safe, and effective work environment.
  • Track computer software and manage accounts for cost effectiveness and strong staff support.

Other duties (5%)

  • Participate in organizational, program and project planning and strategy.
  • Participate in senior leadership team meetings, staff meetings, staff or board retreats, and other staff functions as requested.
  • Manage the Office Administrator in providing logistical support to organizational meetings, conferences, field tours, and other events.
  • Other duties as assigned.

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