Deputy Watermaster – Honey Lake Valley Resource Conservation District

Susanville, California

Honey Lake Valley Resource Conservation District (HLVRCD) is accepting applications for the position of a salaried, permanent, seasonal Deputy Watermaster. This position works under direct supervision of the HLVRCD District Manager and HLVRCD Board of Directors.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

Field Work: (75%)

  • Field Work is heaviest during Irrigation Season, March 1- October 31, during which regular measurements and adjustments of dams and diversions are necessary. The Watermaster may be expected to work weekends as needed.
  • Accurate and timely measurement of dam structures and diversion structures. Including the measurement of weir flows, gauge readings, staff gauge readings, in-stream time-distance measure, and submerged orifice measures. Supplementary knowledge on these and other methods will be provided.
  • Adjustment of dams and diversions; modification of 2×6 or larger boards, turning of wheel headgates.
  • Collect detailed records of daily activities, including areas visited, measured flows and diversions, diversion adjustments, significant conversations and phone calls, and problems. Maintain a copy of these records in the RCD office.
  • Drive in rough terrain utilizing either UTV or a truck.

Legal Decree Administration:

  • Ensures water right holders are receiving their water right allotment as described by adjudicated decrees.
  • Maintenance of up-to-date records of decree information and present-day owners.
  • Read and comprehend the Decrees and recorded agreements that define water rights within the Susan River Watermaster Service Area (WMSA)
  • Dispute resolution between water users
  • Maintain and update field schedule, control cards, and ArcGIS map database for each stream in the Susan River WMSA.
  • Determine one’s own work hours and overtime as needed to achieve effective and timely administration of the decrees.

Office Work: (25%)

  • Office Work is year-round but heaviest November and February and when stream flows are low during the irrigation season.
  • Year-round office work includes secretarial work such as scanning and filing receipts, handling mail, file sorting, and maintenance of fieldwork data records in the RCD office.
  • Handle the acquisition, creation, or maintenance of equipment, vehicles, and databases.
  • The contacting of water right holders about such items as precipitation, likely runoff, and consequences to diversions, problems with diversions and diversion structures, and disputes between water rights holders.
  • Work directly with HLVRCD legal team regarding current litigation and retrieve any additional documentation that is necessary.
  • The Watermaster is encouraged to develop projects, reach out to cooperative agencies and engineering firms in order to apply for Grants for the Service Area.
  • Expand the Operations Manual for the Susan River WMSA.


  • Develop Annual Use Report to be submitted to the Lassen County Superior Court, which includes the irrigation seasons measures and happenings.
  • Create a Bi-monthly written report for Watermaster Advisory Committee (WAC) meetings, summarizing the past two months’ activities and water conditions.

Public Relations:

  • Field phone calls, texts, and emails from water users’ questions about the water availability, concerns, or problems within 24 hours.
  • Wield authority necessary to order water users to curtail water or limit water diversion in accordance with water usage limits described in the decrees.
  • Take necessary measures in the field and office to resolve disagreements between water right holders over water rights.

Watermaster Service Annual Budget and Apportionment:

  • Work with the RCD District Manager to develop an annual Watermaster Service budget.
  • Gather information from the County Assessor’s Office and other entities to maintain accurate records.
  • Redetermine water rights as a result of land modifications and sales to determine the water right amount adjudicated to the modern APNs.
  • Prepare an annual billing of water service fees for all users proportional to their water right.
  • Meet court-mandated deadlines for mailing, filing, or notification of water users or government officials of various documents.

Click here for more information and to apply.

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