Conservation Assistant – Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership (SNAP)

Placerville, California

El Dorado and Georgetown Divide Resource Conservation Districts are a grassroots, non-regulatory government organization that works to meet individual and community goals for the natural resources in their community through voluntary approaches. The mission statement of the El Dorado County and Georgetown Divide RCDs is “To promote the responsible stewardship of our natural resources within our boundaries.” The RCDs objectives are in four areas of strategic focus: (1) Organization – Develop the capacity to plan and deliver conservation programs; (2) Fire – Significantly reduce the risk to life, property, and watershed health; (3) Watershed – Coordinate and facilitate the development of a watershed scale resource management program; (4) Education – Help to fill the training and resource management information needs of homeowners, landowners, and resource users.

Position Description:

The member will be working in collaboration with the American River Conservancy (ARC). The RCD and ARC are members of the South Fork American River Watershed Group and share the same goals outlined in the Management Plan. The member will be working towards meeting the goals and projects outlined in the plan. The member will focus on restoration projects and recreation management in collaboration with local stakeholders, assess the health of our watershed using citizen science, recruit volunteers to accomplish project elements and monitoring, and educate students and the community about being responsible stewards of our natural resources.

Site-Specific Training Provided:

SNAP members will develop a Personal Development Plan, which will identify specific professional development goals and an associated schedule for achieving those goals during their service term. Examples of professional development skills include: GIS, CEQA/NEPA, general forestry and silviculture, land survey and mapping, forest health assessment, grant writing, etc.

Things to Note:

SNAP members will spend approximately 70% of their time in the field. A basic knowledge of natural resources, environmental science, or water resources is beneficial.

Recommended: the ability to work in a group setting and excellent writing skills; demonstrated commitment to natural resource conservation; comfortable working outdoors; and flexibility and ability to manage multiple priorities. Be able to carry heavy loads/tools for long distances, hiking for long distances, and constant activity, including bending, lifting, pulling, etc.

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