Community Engagement Coordinator – GreenLatinos


Position Description:

The Community Engagement Coordinator will support the Community Engagement program and all ongoing projects to sustain membership engagement, staff support and maintenance of our internal systems. This position will span September – December 2023 with the possibility of extension. The key responsibilities and projects for this position are listed below and require creativity, technical expertise and a high degree of administrative capacity to manage multiple tasks and ongoing collaborations at once.

The ideal candidate is self-driven, service oriented, and comfortable working within a casual working environment which may at times include flexible working spaces and scheduling. The ideal candidate will be able to communicate (verbally & in writing) their working needs clearly with their supervisors and other staff to ensure success. The ideal candidate understands that it is critical to uphold professional practices as a representative of GreenLatinos and its network during all work related communications.

The Community Engagement Coordinator will report directly to the Community Engagement Manager and the Chief of Staff.

This is a part-time position – 20 hours/week. Compensation will range from $2,400 – $3,200 monthly, based on experience.

Responsibilities & Key Projects include:

Internal facing Work 

Oversee records management of organizational cloud document library.

  • Work closely with our Operations team to complete ongoing reorganization of our shared document storage space with the objective of streamlining access for staff to current files and archiving (not deleting) historical for records storage
  • Working with staff to support their reorganization of program-specific file libraries

Maintain ongoing engagement projects and staff resources

  • Provide support as directed to planning and execution of 2023 Annual GreenLatinos Hispanic Heritage Month Fly-In and Advocacy Days, scheduled for September 25-28, 2023 in Washington DC (This will include management of event logistics, providing on-site support to event team, and conducting post-event data work and evaluation both with staff and participants.)
  • Support hiring and onboarding of new GreenLatinos staff, and manage all public job listings as directed
  • Monitor membership email account for incoming messages needing response/forwarding
  • Monitor Google group listserv for pending posts, member management and requests
  • Monitor incoming submissions to staff feedback forms, forward for response
  • Coordinate biweekly all-staff meeting and membership team calls, including facilitation and management of running agenda
  • Provide support for biweekly program leadership calls, including management of meeting notes
  • Maintain and manage internal resource banks for staff and provide support as requested – including: EveryAction training and task completion, workplace culture and staff training resources
  • Review and support creation of new EveryAction forms to ensure they adhere to organizational standards for data collection

External facing work 

  • Create a new online merchandise store for GreenLatinos. Utilize existing framework and planning work to execute a new print-on-demand service linked to a public store interface that will be integrated into our website (this will include regular meetings and close work with our Communications and Operations teams)
  • Execute engagement and member mailings. Coordinate and execute member retention mailing to all members that have joined in 2023, Contingent on successful set up of online merchandise store.
  • Coordinate and execute 5000 piece membership recruitment mailing to targeted segment of non-member contacts
  • Create 2024 annual public engagement and events calendar
  • Public facing and accessible (this will include closely working with our Communications team for web integration)
    For internal use and input by all staff (this will include a staff briefing/training)
    To include: all GreenLatinos events – in-person, virtual, staff and internal events, milestones, holidays and days of cultural significance, days/periods of political significance.

Click here for more information and to apply.

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