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CalWild (formerly the California Wilderness Coalition) works to protect and restore the Golden State’s wildest remaining places and waters on public land for the benefit of present and future generations. We are a 48-year-old organization continuing to grow our organizational capacity to meet the challenge of climate change and biodiversity loss.

Being a CalWild board member means a lot of things. Our board members are part of our talented team working to keep CalWild a strong and vital organization by building our network of supporters, growing our financial stability, and helping ensure we can continue long into the future to protect and restore California’s wild beauty.

Currently, CalWild is recruiting new volunteer board members to help grow and improve the organization and help diversify our board. Board members serve three-year terms and are essential members of our team.

Board Members Primary Role:

Assist CalWild, including the staff and fellow board members, to effectively pursue the organization’s conservation mission. This work includes developing policies, procedures, and regulations to govern the operations of CalWild, helping to grow CalWild’s fundraising capacity, and monitoring CalWild’s finances, programs, and performance.


Three-year terms, with renewal based on board vote

Board Member Commitment:

Although a volunteer position, our expectation is that individuals who serve as board members will be well informed and regularly attend bimonthly Zoom board meetings, commit to participating in or managing outside projects to assist CalWild, be leading fundraisers within their networks as well as assisting CalWild’s ongoing fundraising, provide proper organizational and financial oversight, and attend one in-person meetings a year.

Board Member Duties and Obligations:

  • Be well‐informed and prepared for meetings
  • Educate yourself about the programs of CalWild
  • Make a personal pledge to attempt to give or fundraise $2,000/year
  • Attend meetings and show commitment to board activities
  • Represent CalWild to the public, businesses, and the community
  • Actively participate in fundraising activities, at a minimum, contacting 5-10 major donors 2-3 times per year as part of Voices for a Wild Future
  • Contribute skills, knowledge, and experience, when appropriate
  • Assume leadership roles in board activities, when appropriate
  • Follow conflict of interest and confidentiality policies
  • Be open to diverse perspectives
  • Assist in recruiting new board members

Expected Meeting Attendance:

  • Regularly scheduled board meetings: one in-person multi-day meeting, and six 90-minute video conference meetings happening every other month
  • Meetings of committees, subcommittees, and task forces on which you serve
  • Board retreats, planning sessions, and board development workshops
  • Special events

Board of Directors’ Collective Responsibilities:

  1. Meet the needs of CalWild members and constituents. We exist to fulfill a mission. Every board decision should be guided by how its actions will help CalWild better achieve its mission and have a greater impact.
  2. Select, supervise, evaluate and fire the Executive Director if necessary.
  3. Establish policies and organizational goals for the Executive Director to implement and achieve. A key responsibility is supporting the Executive Director. The board’s role is to provide the direction it wants the executive director to take the organization in order to achieve its goals and mission.
  4. Expect feedback and regular communication from the executive director on CalWild’s performance, and then evaluate his or her work. Effective board and executive director communication is vital to the organization’s success.
  5. Support the staff with consulting skills when they are sought. Your personal skills are valuable to the entire organization, whether you’re a computer tech, marketing specialist, program specialist, attorney, artist, writer, etc.
  6. Engage in strategic planning. Acting as a team, board members adopt a written long‐range or strategic plan that outlines the future direction of the organization and monitor implementation of the plan.
  7. Ensure that the organization has adequate financial resources and that funds are responsibly spent. The board’s fiduciary responsibilities require regular financial assessment and ensuring that there are sufficient resources to implement the organizations’ goals and meet obligations.
  8. Ensure board meetings are adequately attended. Ensure that every meeting achieves quorum so that board decisions are not delayed and the work of the board is not impeded.

Click here for more information and to apply.

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