The Habitat Conservation Fund is protected from budget cuts this legislative session

In an inspiring show of unity and determination, we have fantastic news to celebrate: the Habitat Conservation Fund has been protected from budget cuts this legislative session!

Our Advocacy Matters

Earlier this year, a draft budget threatened to slash $45 million from the Habitat Conservation Fund, disregarding the will of California voters. The proposal also included language that would eliminate the existing requirement to appropriate $30 million per year to the HCF through 2030 – meaning an additional $120 million of funding critical for meeting the state’s 30×30, nature-based solutions, climate, and wildlife connectivity goals were at stake. However, our voices and the efforts of our dedicated state leaders have ensured that this crucial funding remains intact.

This victory wouldn’t have been possible without our collective pressure and the steadfast commitment of our allies in the Legislature. In the face of a very challenging budget deficit, thanks to your advocacy and that of the state leaders who sided with wildlife, nature, and California voters, we have protected the legacy and ongoing importance of the HCF. Efforts such as sign-on letters, contacting your legislators, attending budget hearings, asking your supporters to engage, and amplifying on social media can make a difference.

Special thanks go to Senator Catherine Blakespear and Senator Brian Dahle for their passionate advocacy. We are also deeply grateful for the crucial support from Assembly Speaker Robert Rivas, Senate Leader pro tem Mike McGuire, Senator Scott Wiener, and Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel. Their dedication, along with your involvement, has been instrumental in this success.

What Has HCF Funding Been Used For?

  • Protected more than one million acres of wildlife habitat across all 58 counties
  • Provided significant funding for parks and conservancies
  • Enabled the implementation of nature-based solutions to climate change
  • Reconnected wildlife habitat, including crucial fish habitat
  • Supported CA’s ability to meet the state’s 30×30 goal
  • Helped fund the Wildlife Conservation Board, a key source of government funding for conservation and restoration work

Together, we stood firmly with wildlife, nature, and the will of California voters. By protecting our lands, we can ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.

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