Fish Habitat Enhancement on the Truckee River

Group looking at project location on the Truckee River.

On Friday, September 23, Alliance Executive Director Jenny Hatch and Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership (SNAP) Member Emily Kastner shared the Truckee River Fish Habitat Enhancement Project at Glenshire Drive with the Arntz Family Foundation

Truckee River

This project demonstrates a successful partnership between the Trout Unlimited Truckee Chapter and Sierra Nevada Alliance to improve and create fish habitat in the Truckee River. Three W-Weirs were constructed out of rocks to create pool and riffle habitats where fish, mostly trout in this case, like to hide. The goal of this project was to increase the trout population in the area as well as stimulate the local fly-fishing recreational economy. AmeriCorps members had various roles in different monitoring procedures throughout the project. These procedures include physical stream habitat parameters (i.e., temperature, discharge, groundwater, etc.), fish species surveys, vegetation surveys, and water quality.

In addition to Alliance Americorps Members participating in monitoring, Trout Unlimited hired past SNAP Members who planned and implemented this project. This is an excellent example of how the SNAP Program provides much-needed staff capacity to implement conservation while developing professional development to build conservation leaders. 

Many thanks to the Arntz Family Foundation for their ongoing funding support of the Sierra Nevada Alliance! Without funders like these, our conservation impact would be significantly diminished. 

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