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If interested in learning more about the Alliance and what it means to be a Member Group, continue reading to find the list of member benefits and the membership fee schedule. Please keep in mind that the list of member benefits below is not necessarily comprehensive, as we strive to make the most of our relationship with each Member Group, as well as facilitate beneficial relationships between Member Groups. If becoming a Member Group doesn’t sound like the right fit for your organization, please ask us about other ways we might build a partnership.
If your organization is interested in becoming a Member Group:

  • Review and endorse the Sierra Nevada Alliance mission statement (in application).
  • Complete the 2018 Member Group Registration at this link.
  • Submit your small membership fee online here or by mail to the address below.
  • Email us your high resolution logo and any multimedia (photos, videos, documents, links, etc.) you’d like to have included in your profile on our geospatial database.

2018 Member Group applications will be accepted through June 30, 2018.
2018 Member Groups, mark your calendars! We have our Bi-Annual Conference planned for August 16-17th in Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe!
We hope you will join our network of Member Groups for 2018 so we can develop our partnership and help broaden our collective impact! Please contact us with any questions.

Member Group Benefits

Receive a Discount on the Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership

  • Gain invaluable support by building your staff with an AmeriCorps member. The Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership (SNAP) works to assess and restore impaired watershed habitats and to increase community stewardship of Sierra Nevada watersheds through education and volunteerism. Each year, the Alliance coordinates the placement of 28 full time AmeriCorps members with conservation organizations throughout the Sierr Member Groups pay a discounted rate to have AmeriCorps members placed with their organizations.


Gain Access to Funding and Fundraising Expertise

  • Increase the effectiveness of your fundraising efforts. The Alliance sends out notices of funding opportunities and connects Member Groups with grant writing seminars, workshops, and consultant Member Groups can also send their grant proposals, annual reports, and letters of inquiry to Alliance staff for consultation and review.
  • Enhance the strength of your organization. The Alliance offers a non-profit capacity building training as part of our annual conference.


Secure a Seat at the Table for Regional and Statewide Issues of Importance

  • Make your voice heard. The Alliance participates in major meetings and advocates on behalf of the Sierra region – and we look to Member Groups to guide our positi As a member, you are polled on issues and consulted on shaping regional strategies.
  • Create a regional movement. The Alliance looks for opportunities to band Member Groups together on regional and statewide efforts to protect and restore the land, water, and air of the Sierra Nevada. For example, our network played a leading role in establishing the Sierra Nevada Conservancy.
  • Shape the future of the Alliance. Member Groups elect the Board of Directors through a democratic process that shapes Alliance actions and conservation effort The Alliance is always accountable to its members.


Receive Discounts to Alliance Events

  • Receive discounts for your staff to attend the Sierra Nevada Alliance’s events.
  • Discounts to attend our Bi-Annual Conference, happening August 16-17, 2018 in Lake Tahoe, free tabling space at the event, logo included in the program, and logo included in a special slideshow at the event.


Increase Visibility and Recognition for Your Group

  • Post Member Group alerts, job announcements, events, and achievements in our biweekly newsletter, on our social media platforms, and on our website.
  • Showcase your group’s efforts through presentations at the Annual Members’ Meeting and free tabling space, if applicable.
  • Be part of our online directory that includes information about each member group, their focus, notable projects and programs, how to learn more about them, and how to get involved. Use this as a resource to connect with likeminded organizations for collaboration, or utilize it as a tool for interested parties, public or otherwise, to engage with you.
  • Obtain free non-profit, communication, and fundraising consultation and tips on how to get coverage for your efforts from media savvy Alliance staff and board members.


Stay Abreast of Issues, Strategies and Expertise Important to the Sierra

  • Receive a subscription to our electronic bi-monthly Sierra Resource E-Newsletter. With the latest articles on Sierra conservation news, events and notices – we stay up on issues and opportunities from around the state and nation that impact your efforts.
  • Gain free Sierra Nevada Alliance Reports, Directories and Toolkits such as: Planning for the Future and the Climate Change Toolkit.


Join a Unique, Synergistic Sierra-Wide Team

  • Use the Alliance to send out action alerts and petitions to the entire Alliance network including more than 3,500 active individuals who share a passion for natural resources and rural communiti
  • Use the Alliance to create stronger campaigns. Whether it be writing a letter to a board or commission, signing on to a collective position letter, or testifying in support of your issue, the Alliance supports Member Groups’ campaigns whenever possibl In addition, the Alliance will work whenever possible to facilitate partnerships for greater efficiency, especially amongst like-minded conservation groups (i.e.; watershed groups).
  • Reap the benefit of our network’s experti The Alliance is unique. No other organization deals with the entire region from a conservation focus. As a Member Group, you will never have to reinvent the wheel. You can simply send a question or request for help to the Alliance network. Many Member Groups have been organizing in the Sierra for decades, and in many cases have turned volunteer operations into staffed organizations. No one knows as well as an Alliance Member Group what it takes to organize around conservation issues in the Sierra. We invite you to tap into and contribute to this wealth of experience and knowledge.


Join the Sierra Nevada Alliance to make your cause a Sierra cause!

The Sierra is a range with many peaks. Only when it is viewed as one mountain range has it inspired national and international attention. The Sierra Nevada Alliance addresses this reality by being a network of many groups united for one region. Join the Alliance and strengthen both your local efforts and regional efforts to protect lands, water, wildlife and communities throughout the “Range of Light.”

Membership Dues

Annual Member Group fees are based on each group’s individual annual budget. Save 10% on your annual renewal fee when you enroll in auto-renewal! Email us to arrange auto-renewal.

Organizational Budget Membership Dues
< $10,000 $75
$10,000 – $40,000 $100
$40,001 – $100,000 $125
$100,001 – $200,000 $250
$200,001 – $300,000 $350
$300,001 – $500,000 $400
$500,001 – $1M $450
> $1M $550
View our 2018 Member Group Benefits Packet here.


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Membership signups are accepted via Soapbox Engage & Braintree, secure third party donation management applications.

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View our 2018 Member Group Benefits Packet here.