Tell the House Not to Mess with Conservation

Date Posted: May 1, 2024

Posted by: AArtle

Take Action!

While the administration has been working to finalize protections for public lands and waters, modernize renewable energy development, and improve how public lands are managed, the House has been working to undermine these important conservation efforts.


This week, the House is preparing to vote on bills that would open up the Boundary Waters for mining, roll back the BLM’s Public Lands Rule, undo protections for millions of acres of public lands in Alaska, and increase pollution from mining.

These bills undermine hard fought efforts to protect the outdoors, address climate change, safeguard our country’s most popular Wilderness area, and modernize how we manage 245 million acres of public lands.

It’s critical that House lawmakers—whether they support or oppose these bills—hear from their constituents. We’ve made it easy to drop them a line.

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