Tell the BLM to strengthen oil and gas exploration rules

Date Posted: September 19, 2023

Posted by: AArtle

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For decades, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has sold off public lands to oil and gas companies for pennies on the dollar. This broken system has locked up vast amounts of land from any use other than extraction and left thousands of dangerous and polluting abandoned wells with communities footing the bill to clean them up.


The BLM just proposed an update to outdated leasing rules that would hold oil and gas companies accountable for the damage they cause, end subsidies for oil and gas producers, and add competition to the leasing process. These proposed rules could re-balance how we manage public lands. That means seeing more protections for wildlife, cultural sites, and outdoor recreation. They would also reduce so-called “speculative leasing,” where Big Oil ties up public lands that have little to no prospect of actually developing.

Tell the BLM to strengthen this rule and finalize it as soon as possible! We also need the BLM to go further to ensure climate protection is a required part of all future leasing and permitting decisions. The fate of our public lands could depend on it.

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