Stand up for clean water

Date Posted: March 28, 2024

Posted by: AArtle

Take Action!

American clean water supplies are becoming increasingly stretched each year -- the pressures of rising population, agricultural, and energy demands, and the growing effects of climate change all have a major impact on rivers and water resources. Combine those threats with the recent loss of national protections for the majority of streams and wetlands in the country, and we face potential disasters across the country that impact our drinking water.


We need a powerful, diverse, bipartisan river movement to face those challenges and drive national change that makes rivers healthier and water cleaner.

Since 1972 the Clean Water Act has been doing its job as the guardian of our nation’s waters, constantly watching over them. That means making sure development and infrastructure projects were planned and executed correctly, and acting as a barrier for polluters who wanted to take advantage of our smaller waterways. But now, protections for over a million miles of streams and nearly 63% of wetlands are at risk, and we can’t afford to sit back and let something disasterous happen.

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